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Changes to IGEM UP/2 introduced

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Changes to IGEM UP/2 have been introduced with the aim of creating one overall reference point for installers. Barrie Church reviews the alterations and what they will mean in terms of installation procedures. IGEM UP/2 is now aligned with BS EN 15001 – a European functional standard for gas pipework that satisfies the Pressure Equipment Directive for pipes with an ... Read More »

Medical conditions

Medical conditions featured

Medical locations bring their own set of challenges for electrical engineers. Malcolm Doughton analyses the main requirements that set them apart as ‘special locations’. The first amendment to BS 7671: 2008, Requirements for Electrical Installations, which was published in June 2011 and came into force on 1 January 2012, introduced medical locations into the standard, identifying them as a special ... Read More »

Circulating efficiency

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There have been numerous recent developments – both in terms of legislation and product – to help improve heating system efficiency. Peter Agneborn explores the role of circulator pumps in the fight against system inefficiency and magnetite build-up. There have been numerous recent developments – both in terms of legislation and product – to help improve heating system efficiency. Peter ... Read More »

Biomass boilers- which fuel is best?

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Increasing numbers of homes and businesses are recognising the benefits of switching to wood-fired heating systems, but there is still confusion about which fuel source to opt for. Modern, automatic wood-fired biomass boilers can be fuelled by pellets or chips, and the choice of fuel source depends on a number of factors. Increasingly, it appears that a lack of both ... Read More »

Flaring up


While some heating engineers who work in LPG may have reservations about the requirements in UP/1, Barrie Church explains why flaring gas is preferable to venting. For some time now there has been concern amongst LPG installers that the requirements in UP/1 for flaring all LPG purge operations may be too excessive. The argument goes further in that for small ... Read More »

Addressing vulnerabilities

Addressing vulnerabilities

It is a common misconception that modern boilers and central heating systems require less protection from corrosion and limescale build -up because technology has advanced. Francine Wickham explains why this is not the case and explores the products to consider when installing and servicing systems of any age. Professional installers will be fully aware that corrosion is a central heating ... Read More »

Piloting change

Piloting change

The APHC and Severn Trent Water have joined forces to pilot a scheme that would see WaterSafe-approved contractors directly report high-risk plumbing work to the relevant water company. A new pilot scheme initiated by The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) and Severn Trent Water has been designed to provide a mechanism for WaterSafe-approved contractors (located within Severn Trent ... Read More »

In the gutter

In the gutter

Robin Oakley looks at the various considerations required before commencing work on any new rainwater guttering and drainpipe systems. Rainwater guttering and downpipe systems should be designed and installed to comply with the Building Regulations, 2010, Approved Document H, Section 3 in England & Wales (AD ‘H’); Scottish Building Standards 2013 Technical Handbook – Domestic; and The Building Regulations (Northern ... Read More »

Working on sunshine

Working on sunshine

Installer talks to David Mooney – an independent Energy Consultant – about the current solar PV market and the many opportunities that are now available to new and existing solar companies. The solar PV market has gone through some major ups and downs over the last few years that has seen many companies experience a rollercoaster ride that has taken ... Read More »

Dealing with pressure

Dealing with pressure

Householders are becoming increasingly aware of low water pressure but fitting a shower pump is not always straightforward. Malcolm Campbell explains how plumbers can help homeowners to deal with water pressure problems in the home. The new digital landscape is bringing about a major shift when it comes to doing something about poor water performance in the home caused by ... Read More »

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