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What installers need to know about working on mobile catering vehicles

fish and chips web

Kim Morris reviews the regulations that need to be considered when carrying out any necessary work on mobile catering vehicles. Mobile catering vehicles could be a caravan, motor vehicle or trailer, which has either been converted for this use or specially constructed in a factory. Examples include the ‘hole in the wall’- style fish and chip, hot dog, burger or ... Read More »

Rainwater harvesting sector is a ‘huge opportunity’ for installers

Go with the flow web

As water meters are becoming commonplace, UK homes and businesses are becoming more aware of the cost of their water. Gary Wheatley looks at how maximising the UK’s rainfall could provide the solution. Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. Currently each person in the UK uses approximately 130–150 litres of ... Read More »

How did heat pumps perform under EST trials?

heat is on web

Field tests are an invaluable resource for manufacturers because they can provide real insight into how their products are functioning. Ally Wadeward looks at how the EST (Energy Saving Trust) trials for heat pumps have had a hugely positive impact. The more that installers and consumers know about renewable technologies, the more that installers, organisations and governing bodies can deliver ... Read More »

Do gas auditors have the right qualifications for the job?

Audit tales web

The role of gas auditors in maintaining standards in gas safety is crucial. But does your auditor have the latest qualification and the most up-to-date information to carry out that role to the highest standards? Auditors are performing a vital role across the UK in carrying out inspections to confirm that gas appliances have been installed and serviced correctly. This responsibility ... Read More »

Hard or soft water? Everything installers need to know

Supply and demand web

When it comes to providing usable water for drinking, washing and general use, there are various challenges that need to be overcome. Kim Morris looks at the process of supplying and treating cold water for UK properties. Water in different parts of the UK varies in the amount of dissolved mineral ions it contains. This determines whether it’s hard or ... Read More »

Bivalent heat pump systems – what installers need to know

bivalent web

Systems that are able to integrate renewables with a conventional heat source have an important role to play in many UK homes. Phil Hurley explores the applications that are most likely to benefit from bivalent heat pump systems and highlights the main considerations for installers. With the RHI now fully in play, the popularity of heat pumps amongst the domestic ... Read More »

Heating off-grid homes doesn’t have to cost a fortune

off grid homes web

It seems to be an accepted fact that it can be expensive to heat a home with no access to mains gas – but this doesn’t have to be the case. Heather Oliver highlights the potential opportunity of renewable technologies for off-grid properties. When it comes to assessing heating solutions for homes off the gas grid, it is essential that ... Read More »

Low water pressure? Get it sorted

Low water pressure web

Low water pressure is an increasingly common problem in buildings across the UK, but finding solutions can be greatly simplified by installing mains boost pumps. Richard Ballard looks at the primary considerations before choosing the right product. Although OFWAT stipulates that water companies must maintain a minimum pressure in the supply pipe of seven metres static head (0.7 bar pressure) ... Read More »

Changes to IGEM UP/2 introduced

on the up web

Changes to IGEM UP/2 have been introduced with the aim of creating one overall reference point for installers. Barrie Church reviews the alterations and what they will mean in terms of installation procedures. IGEM UP/2 is now aligned with BS EN 15001 – a European functional standard for gas pipework that satisfies the Pressure Equipment Directive for pipes with an ... Read More »

Medical conditions

Medical conditions featured

Medical locations bring their own set of challenges for electrical engineers. Malcolm Doughton analyses the main requirements that set them apart as ‘special locations’. The first amendment to BS 7671: 2008, Requirements for Electrical Installations, which was published in June 2011 and came into force on 1 January 2012, introduced medical locations into the standard, identifying them as a special ... Read More »

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