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  1. Do you need training on the erp ? ” not really” ?.
    Do I or not?
    I don’t want to be seen to not comply and possibly end up with a fine or criminal conviction.

    Kind regards Tony

  2. You need to be aware of the responsibilities placed upon installers now.

    The ERP Directive states that the installer or seller of the equipment comprising a ‘package’ is the ‘dealer’ and the dealer is responsible for issuing the package label (fiche).

    If the end user purchases boiler and controls from a merchant the merchant is the dealer. If the end user purchases from the installer the installer is the dealer and must issue the package fiche.

    It is policed by the National Measurement Office but will they have teams of inspectors roaming the country? No. In all probability consumer programs and publications will spread the message and customer will be made aware of what they should be getting that way. Additionally, manufacturer’s will offer boiler/controls/solar/heat pump systems as packages in their promotional literature thereby enabling them to market the combinations for easy comparison with competitors. If however the installer takes a little time to learn how to calculate a package fiche, not difficult, then he or she can use whatever combination of products they prefer.

    Yes, theoretically there could be a conviction or caution but prevention is better than cure so a bit of training or research is advisable. Manufacturers are helping with this and will continue to do so as the situation develops.

    Just as important is to consider not issuing the package fiche correctly or at all – then a customer can claim the product was mis-sold and not pay or perhaps claim compensation.


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