25% of UK adults still feel anxious to go about their daily routines

Even after the lifting of lockdown one in four (25%) adults in the UK still feel anxious as they go about their day-to-day routines, according to a new study.

The research with 1,000 people, commissioned by Mira Showers as part of its centenary year, looked at how the last 18 months has impacted the nation’s mental health, how they are coping following the lifting of lockdown – and the steps they have taken to boost their wellbeing as life returns to ‘normal.’

  • 41% of adults felt anxious during lockdown
  • 25% still feeling anxious post-lockdown
  • 48% of us turn to the shower to destress

Whilst 41% of those polled admitted to feeling anxious during lockdown – with some still feeling that way today – the study shone a light on the humble shower and revealed that many went for a rinse in order to help them cope with increased levels of stress and anxiety.

The main factors for stress during lockdown were being unable to freely enjoy their usual activities (31%), not being able to see friends (23%) and having too much time alone with their thoughts (26%). It’s clear that this had a negative impact on their mental health, with a third (32%) saying they felt unconfident as a result.

With half (48%) of those polled using their shower as a trusted tool for relaxation, it ranked higher than food (44%), socialising (38%), and doing meditation or yoga (16%) as a way to destress.

Over half (58%) opt to shower first thing in the morning, and a fifth (19%) shower after work to wash off the day, or to feel refreshed after a stressful day.

Although just over a quarter (28%) are starting to feel less anxious, the shower looks to be a tool many will use to boost their wellbeing, as a fifth of those polled (20%) admitted they still feel unconfident following their experiences of the global pandemic.

Functional Medicine Health Coach, Suzy Glaskie, commented:

“For many of us, the shower might be the one and only time in our day when we can enjoy a few minutes just for ourselves – a refuge from the incessant demands of daily life. It’s a chance to grasp some much-needed headspace – to hit the refresh button and reconnect with our body. It’s a daily gift for our emotional wellbeing.”

Craig Baker, Managing Director of Mira Showers, added:

“The humble shower is so routine in our daily lives that we can often forget just how important it is not only for its practical purposes, but for our mental health too.

“It goes without saying that over the past 100 years, as the ways in which we shower have evolved, Mira has made many innovations. From the world’s first thermostatic valve, right through to digital showers that can be pre-set and controlled from our phones, we’ve kept a close eye on what consumers want and need… As the pandemic has made our health and wellbeing even more crucial – it’s never been more important to recognise the power of the shower, and the incredible technologies that are available to make everyone’s showering experience work for them.”

The poll coincided with Mira Showers’ centenary celebrations, as it marks 100 years of making moments and focusing on innovation to move your showering experience away from something functional into a more mindful experience.

For more information, and to find your own moment of calm, visit: www.mirashowers.co.uk/100years/ 

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