49% of vans don't pass their MOT first time

Figures released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have revealed that MOT failures continue to be a major problem within the industry.
The latest DVSA figures show that 49 per cent of all light commercial vehicles (LCVs) presented at testing centres across the UK are still failing to gain an MOT test pass certificate first time. Worryingly this problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better with statistic showing that there has only been a one per cent improvement in these results over the last three years.

  • Nearly 50 per cent of all light commercial vehicles in the UK still fail first MOT test
  • Only a one per cent improvement in failure rates in three years
  • 45 per cent of all MOT faults could be avoided through simple, regular maintenance
  • MOT test failures leads to increase in costly downtime

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has analysed the findings of the DVSA report and established that nearly half of all MOT test failures (45 per cent) of LCVs in the UK are caused by simple-to-fix faults that would normally be picked up during routine maintenance.
When Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles examined the most common causes of all MOT test failures it found that, in most cases, simple things such as faulty bulbs (32.2 per cent), too little tyre tread (4.8 per cent), faulty mirrors, windscreen wipers, washer fluid or illegal number plates (eight per cent) were to blame. A further 40 per cent of failures are caused by brake and suspension wear (24.8 and 16.1 per cent) that would normally be detected during routine maintenance.
The three main causes of MOT failures – lighting and signalling, brakes and suspension – have remained constant over the past three years, with very little variance in the number of vehicles affected by these problems. While braking issues and tyre defects have shown a slight improvement since 2012, the number of suspension and lighting and signalling faults has risen.
The high failure rate is leaving thousands of owners and operators with increased downtime, plus unnecessary additional repair costs. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is fully committed to keeping drivers and their vehicles on the road, with Van Centres and Authorised Repairers carrying out an express visual check on every LCV brought in for service. This allows the owner to learn of any potential problem area or failure risk before the vehicle is presented for its MOT test, ensuring a worry-free experience on test day and offering peace-of-mind that their vehicle is as safe as possible.
Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, commented: “News that nearly half of all LCVs on the road are still failing their MOT tests first time round is worrying, especially as these figures have shown no change in the past three years. The latest result show us that UK van owners are still risking increased running bills, extended vehicle downtime periods and, potentially, a decrease in the overall resale value of their vehicle by not looking after their van properly.”
He continued: “The road-worthiness of the vehicle is also something that business owners should be thinking about. Should an accident occur and the vehicle deemed to be below standard, company owners could be left facing hefty fines or even prison terms. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is working to help van owners to combat this problem by offering a number of aftersales support services enabling customers to keep on top of their routine maintenance and ensure their vehicles are always fit-for-purpose.“
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers a national pricing scheme to help LCV operators budget and plan in advance for maintenance costs. Volkswagen also has set national MOT test† prices at £40 for Class 4 and £50 for Class 7. Businesses can purchase a service and MOT test package at one of its dedicated Van Centres or Authorised Repairers for just £150 ex VAT. Customers undertaking an MOT test at a Volkswagen outlet before the end of April will also receive a free wheel alignment check. Like many services, an MOT can also be booked using Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ online booking system at www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/service-booking.
For more information regarding Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ award winning aftersales services visit www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk