3 things you should know about Hamberger Sanitary — HARO


1) Who are we?

“We create quality of life” – and have been doing so for more than 100 years. This experience and our uncompromising quality standards have made us what we are today: Europe’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats.

We provide you the perfect solution for any requirement – with this motto, our creative think tank is constantly working on technological innovations, new designs and small, refined details for improved convenience and hygiene. Numerous new developments with pending patents, prestigious design awards and an unrivalled variety of products show that we put a lot of passion and know-how into making toilet seats a special product.

Two examples of Hamberger Sanitary Originals are the SoftClose and the TakeOff features that simplify the installation and usage of the WC seat.

2) SoftClose and TakeOff Original by Hamberger Sanitary

It’s probably happened to everyone once: The toilet lid slips out of your hand and lands on the ceramic with a loud bang. A nuisance that, especially in badly soundproofed living spaces, can also affect others. The impact of the lid can also damage both the toilet seat and the toilet itself. Thanks to our patented SoftClose® Original automatic closing system toilet seat, all that is a thing of the past. The practical SoftClose® solution allows the toilet lid to be closed silently and comfortably while protecting the material with just a fingertip – slowly, smoothly, and evenly.

First and foremost, the automatic closing system makes the toilet comfortable to use. The easy closing of the toilet lid is much more comfortable – especially for older and larger people. This is because the SoftClose® feature allows them to avoid unnecessary bending when closing the lid, thus sparing their backs and joints.

The gentle closing of the toilet lid also avoids loud noises. Moreover, when the toilet is being cleaned and used, especially by children, the SoftClose® technology also reduces the risk of injury that arises when normal toilet lids fall shut. The automatic closing system also enhances the durability of the toilet seat. The soft closing of our lid is easy on the toilet seat and the toilet. This means that both the seat and the ceramic will last longer.

It has never been so easy to keep the toilet, including the toilet seat, clean. Thanks to our practical TakeOff® feature, you can really easily remove the toilet lid including the toilet seat, and then put it back on again in just one movement and without any tools. This doesn’t just facilitate thorough hygiene of the ceramic and toilet seat, it also makes it easier to install and replace the toilet lid.

The practical TakeOff® feature facilitates the effortless and comprehensive cleaning of the toilet and toilet seat. Thanks to its easy removal, the entire toilet seat can be cleaned from all sides and, for example, rinsed off under the shower. At the same time, otherwise hard-to-reach places on the toilet are easier to reach without the toilet seat there. This means that all the dirt can be removed with just a wipe. The TakeOff® feature is perfectly suited to anyone who values thorough hygiene in the bathroom. On top of all this, these practical features make replacing the toilet seat child’s play: The new toilet seat can simply be attached again. So, you’ll spare yourself the installation, and a great deal of time. Even with unusual models, replacement is easy thanks to hinges that can be adjusted flexibly.

With our wide product range of hinges Hamberger Sanitary offers a modular system for every requirement.

3) Europe’s largest product portfolio

The perfect solution for every requirement

Thanks to our sophisticated solid fixation solutions of 350 hinges and our 300 high-quality toilet lids, there is barely a toilet shape that can’t be combined with one of them. With our innovative installation systems, there are no problems with adjustment – either for aesthetic requirements or in the installation. It’s also possible to replace the toilet seat or hinges easily at any time.

The heart of our toilet seats is their hinges

We manufacture all our hinges ourselves, and they are predominantly made from corrosion resistant V2A stainless steel. We process it in complex tension and bending processes. As for all the components of our toilet seats, we only use high-quality materials for our hinges and installation solutions, too. This is how we guarantee the best quality and reliable durability.

Despite their reliable fastening, the various fittings can be easily disengaged. This means that your customers can quickly change our toilet lids or install new hinges. In these short videos, you can learn how a new toilet seat can be installed easily and reliably. You can also get further information there about the different toilet seat fixings and how they fasten the seat.

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