3 ways to help homeowners who don’t understand their heating system

Homeowners who don’t understand their heating system and precisely how to use it, can be the cause of often unwarranted call-outs for installers. Here, Martyn Bridges, Director of Marketing and Technical Support at Worcester, Bosch Group provides 3 top tips for installers hoping to reduce the number of call-outs that are brought on by misuse of the system by the homeowner.
1: Familiarisation
Martyn Bridges director of marketing and technical support at Worcester Bosch Group (00000002)According to recent research, 45% of homeowners in the UK don’t understand their heating and over two thirds admit not knowing how to use their controls. This amounts to a lot of uncertainty, and the issue isn’t a new one either as some homeowners have always struggled with timers or programmers, instead choosing to manually turn the heating system on or off or the room thermostat between maximum and minimum.
However to make sure the system will be effective over the long term, an end-user must be able to use their controls effectively. Digital programmers, for example, allow homeowners to set the heating programmes differently each day depending on their living patterns. Too often, however, one of our engineers will visit a home where there is a digital programmer fitted, but its full functionality is not being used. Even an hour a week of more or less heating will add up over the long term, and providing this kind of service as standard when fitting digital controls is a quick way for installers to make a positive difference to their customers’ energy bills over time.
2: Educative tools
When installing any device within the home, it may be worth making sure homeowners are familiar with their system and also consider leaving them with literature or guidance tools to help them if a problem arises. For example, installers can point out where the end-user can find more information online. At Worcester, we have produced a Handy Hints booklet toward which installers can direct their customers should they need any further guidance, as well as a suite of instructional videos on our YouTube channel.
3: The latest technology
The Wave App allows remote adjustment of heating and hot water performan    (00000002)They very latest smart controls can provide even more opportunity; not only can the system be set to operate according to the precise needs of the homeowner, but this can be further tailored remotely from a phone, laptop or tablet should they find they will be home earlier or later than usual. Smart controls like the Wave from Worcester can also use features such as weather compensation to adjust the heating system’s performance in accordance with the outside temperature, thus reducing the input required from the homeowner.
The result of this is that more and more homeowners are becoming interested in their heating systems, which have perhaps not been historically seen as glamourous features of the home. No longer must an end-user travel to a cold, dark corner of the garage where a boiler may be housed in order to access its controls; rather, this can be achieved not just from the comfort of the sofa, but from wherever in the world they may be. This increase in interest only strengthens the case for installers to continue providing their customers with as much information as possible, and I’d suggest that this, in turn, could go some way to ensuring that domestic heating systems are used more and more efficiently in the future.
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