Win a Tough by Swarfega pack – A limited edition range of products built for tradespeople

Swarfega has launched a limited-edition range of products, Tough by Swarfega, designed and built to work as hard as the people it’s made for.
To celebrate the launch, Installer is giving lucky installers the chance to win a Tough by Swarfega pack.
Just email and include your name, for your chance to win. The winner will be drawn at random.
The Tough by Swarfega limited-edition range includes:

  • Hand cleaner: Swarfega know a thing or two about getting hands clean without trashing the skin. This handy 250ml tube of hand cleaner is perfect for people on the move, it’s heavy duty and takes no prisoners; grease, grime and oil don’t stand a chance.  Kind to skin but tough on dirt, it provides a deep clean leaving hands feeling firm and fresh.
  • Skin protection cream: hands and arms work hard, using protection cream strengthens the skin, improves grip, provides a barrier against contaminants and means people can get on with the job in hand and limit the risks of debilitating skin conditions. The Tough skin protection cream is suitable for a wide range of work place conditions and comes in a 100ml tube.
  • Shower gel: a refreshing way to wash the day away. Not all shower gels are made equal, the Tough Shower Gel is dual action, suitable for getting rid of hard to shift grease and grime from hair and skin to leave users feeling fresh.  The 250ml tube is big enough to last, small enough to carry around.
  • Hand wipes: these are heavy duty, textured hand wipes that can be used anywhere, anytime. With no water required, these are a must for people on the move.  Every container can be re-sealed ensuring each of the 70 wipes is fresh and ready for the challenge.
  • Sun cream: SPF30 high performance formula means 30 times the skin’s normal protection against the sun’s damaging UVB rays. This formula withstands heavy perspiration and immersion in water, it’s suitable for regular use and will not affect grip on hand held tools.  Each tube has 100ml of cream and it’s perfume free, keeping skin safe without smelling like a Pina Colada.

We know how hard trades people work, that they put a serious shift in, every day.  These are the people that keep this country moving, keep the lights on, build schools, hospitals, pubs and parks, make sure warm water is on tap 24/7 and rescue people from stranded cars.  Tough jobs done by tough people often taken for granted, the everyday heroes hidden in plain sight: now’s the time to look after them, with a little help from Swarfega.
Get your Tough by Swarfega products from your nearest distributor, have a look at to find out more.