Warm up those pipes – It's time for #VanPoolKaraoke

Gas and heating engineers are the most trusted traders in Britain. They are also one of the most highly trained, talented and scrutinised professions of all the trades, the backbone of the industry that keeps hot water running and UK homes warm.
The camaraderie within the HVAC industry plays a huge role in keeping standards high and the installer community up to date. Some may see it as just a bit of a laugh and whilst it is that too, for many, the relationships installers have with each other can make all the difference to their business success.
#VanPoolKaraoke is an initiative founded by Drew Styles Plumbing and Heating and Installers First one typical Tuesday on Twitter, following a rather demotivating time on the social media platform.
Here’s what Drew has to say about it:
“I wanted to keep the good vibes going after the success of #HeroesOfHeat, after briefly losing the centre of the Twitter community that was GMG. I think everyone needs a little light hearted fun to just make you smile and forget all the rubbish. Let’s make Twitter and the wider community great again.
“YOU, me and your friends are going to have the best Vanpool Karaoke session ever! Best part? You could win a BOSCH Radio and the eternal admiration of the industry.”
Laurah Hutchinson-Strain, Head of Media, Installers First said:
“Behind all of the banter and high jinks lays a community that takes pride in its work, driving up standards and improving safety. Members of the gas and heating installer community offer an invaluable resource to each other, constantly sharing ideas and best practice. It’s really quite something to witness.
“So why are we launching #VanPoolKaraoke? Well, we know that these initiatives motivate the community, they also offer an opportunity for installers to network with each other. Oh, and Drew Styles needs to get rid of the radio. It’s that simple.”
To enter:

  1. Choose your song and your #VanPoolKaraoke friend if you have one
  2. Film the Sing-a-long
  3. Upload to Twitter
  4. Use #VanPoolKaraoke and tag @stylesplumbing and @installersfirst

Entries open 10.7.17 and close at midnight on 31.7.17 and will be judged by an independent panel. One grumpy judge, one comedy judge and two well turned out judges. Which one is which, you decide. Judges will be announced daily from Tuesday 11.7.17.
Top 4 entries will then go to our semi-final public poll on 7.8.17 with the winner announced on 14.8.17.
Good luck.
Full details can be found on the Installers First website