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  1. Firstly I would like to point out how good lead generation has been for my business.

    We are a local plumbing contractor based in Belfast Northern Ireland.
    After using various forms of paid advertising.

    I found it was becoming quite a costly exercise.
    The first time I started with lead generated enquires, I found that the company I was using were sending the same enquiries to four of my main competitors also. this was the reason it was not working for me.

    After contacting a few other companies I found a company that place my contact details directly on their website and sent traffic direct to my mobile for only £10 per lead that led to an enquiry. I receive around 40 emergency plumbing jobs per month using this service. therefore it works for me. due to the fact the calls are hot and direct to my land line. If you wish me to give you the details of the company I use please by all means email me


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