"High-quality CO alarms are a necessity in every property" says one installer – Do you agree?

Many customers don’t understand why they would need a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm fitting straight after they have bought a new boiler, but installers can play a key role in educating their customers and helping them to keep their families safe. An installer of Honeywell Home Safety products, Jonathan Blomfield, explains more.
Some customers struggle to see the value in a new CO alarm, while others simply do not understand the importance of having one of these units in the home, particularly if they have a brand new boiler.
But every new boat has lifejackets in case of emergency, and installers must be prepared to help homeowners prepare for any eventuality, and enable them to make their escape if something goes wrong.
Therefore it is important to ensure that every household you visit is protected by a high quality, sealed CO alarm that is sited correctly.
Alarms are easily available, reliable, and they help to give you as the installer peace of mind before you leave a property. They take less than 10 minutes and just a nail to fit, so won’t impact on your schedule.
Despite this, it’s amazing how many times you enter a customer’s home to discover they have a cheap alarm propped up on a coffee table. Positioning alarms like this can dramatically increase the time they take to respond to a leak, and cheap, poorer quality alarms will respond much less efficiently than superior counterparts.
A CO alarm should always be positioned high up in a room typically 30 centimetres from the ceiling, and at least a metre away from boilers, fires, cookers or heaters. It can either be fixed to a wall or free-standing on a shelf, as long as the recommended positioning requirements are met.
Sealed battery powered CO alarms come at a modest cost when you consider the lifetime of the unit – a typical seven-year alarm will cost the end user around £29. That works out at less than a penny per day over the course of its lifetime, a small price for your customers to pay in order to ensure the safety of their family.
For both installers and customers, sealed CO alarms are a fit and forget opportunity. The homeowner will never have to worry about the alarm unless it goes off or it reaches the end of its lifespan, and they have the peace of mind to know that if something is wrong the alarm will notify them promptly.
As an installer you should always make sure you take note of the date when you fitted the alarm, so that you can follow up when its time for the customer to get a new one. The unit itself already has a latest replacement date printed on it so the homeowner can see when the time for a new alarm is approaching.
High-quality CO alarms are a necessity in every property, and by approaching the subject while you are already working on the homeowner’s boiler you have the perfect opportunity to make a sale. You can then leave the property knowing that you have informed the customer of the risk, and helped to protect them, and their family from CO poisoning.