Could Infrared Panel Heaters revolutionise the way people heat their homes and businesses?

Mark Atkinson from Mirrorstone Infrared Heating explains the benefits of  Infrared Panel Heaters:
It’s not a technology that installers and their customers may be fully aware of, but IR panel heaters could revolutionise the way people heat their homes and businesses.
Available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from 600 x 600mm right up to 1000 x 1200mm, infrared panel heaters enable users to heat rooms of any size, while simultaneously saving space and a great deal of money.
Indeed, as replacements for traditional electric convection heaters, IR panels will reduce energy bills by up to 60% and even more when their output is thermostatically-regulated.

They achieve this saving by emitting a similar type of radiant EM wave as the sun, only without any harmful elements like Ultraviolet (UV).
Unlike convection which heats the massive body of air in a room, IR panels heat objects directly, exciting their molecules into producing their own heat and creating a ‘thermal mass’ in a room. This allows them to be switched off without the space losing heat, thus saving a whole lot of energy that would otherwise have been surplus to requirements.
But this pragmatic method of heating isn’t just safe, it’s actually a great deal healthier than convection because the dry, constant infrared heat drives moisture from the atmosphere and sounds the death knell for mould and mildew.
Infrared panel heaters are incredibly simple to install on a wall or a ceiling, and they’re just 22mm thick, which means they enable users to reclaim the ‘dead’ space formerly wasted on an old storage heater.
Admittedly, like a conventional heater, the surface of an IR panel will become quite hot during use, but even when reaching a temperature of around 120°C it won’t harm the skin if accidentally touched, due to the efficient way the PET material dissipates heat energy.
Whereas other types of heater can be costly to service and maintain, IR panels require zero maintenance throughout their 30-year lifespan, because they contain no moving parts, and the few parts they do contain are fully recyclable.
This, along with their energy-saving potential, makes Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels extremely eco-friendly and an attractive alternative form of heating to a growing number of switched on consumers.
The range includes panels with a massive selection of hi-res images printed directly onto their surface, while the Custom Panels enable people to have their own family photo or any other image of their choice printed-to-order in just 7 days.
Mirrored IR Panels are great for the bathroom because they never steam up, and White Panel Heaters can be disguised as suspended ceiling tiles to maximise the space in an office or retail outlet.
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