28 top apps for construction professionals

Specialist UK wholesaler, IronmongeryDirect, has revealed the top most useful construction smartphone apps set to revolutionise how the construction industry works.
The 28 apps for iOS and Android phones have been selected as the best in providing tradespeople with relevant, reliable and instant assistance, helping them to boost productivity and enhance their knowledge.
Technology is revolutionising many industries and professions, with construction being the latest to reap the rewards. The well-known mantra, “There’s an app for that”, now applies to tradespeople with even the most hands-on jobs.
This surge in construction apps implies a definite shift in attitude in the industry, backed up by the recent release of PwC’s Industry 4, which shows the need for cloud computing, technology, 3D printing and smart tech. All of which are becoming increasingly valued among tradespeople.
But not all construction workers and tradespeople are up to date with the latest technology, and many still resort to ‘traditional’ methods of working.
Time saved, money saved
According to Designing Buildings, the construction industry is one of the least efficient industries worldwide. And some estimates have shown that a staggering 50-80% of time is wasted on the construction site. But app technology is set to bring about change:

  • Co-Construct: Project management app that claims to save workers at least 30 minutes a day
  • Joist app for contractors: Claims to help workers win more jobs, eradicating the need to do paperwork at evenings and weekends
  • Construction Master Pro: Advanced calculator app that claims to reduce costly errors on the worksite
  • TSheets: App to replace paper timesheets making payroll and invoicing faster and less costly
  • Fulcrum: Information capture app claims to decrease costs and risks of paper storage, effectively replacing ‘the clipboard’

Managing Director of IronmongeryDirect, Wayne Lysaght-Mason, commented: “With most people working in the construction sector now owning a smartphone, the apps we have researched have the potential to save considerable time and money.
“From builders, carpenters and electricians to project managers and employers, their smartphones can become their best tool with a range of powerful apps to help improve day-to-day efficiency both on site and in the office.”
28 useful apps for construction jobs of all sizes
The infographic created by IronmongeryDirect sums up the 28 best construction apps split by use and trade, covering areas such as safety, project management, measurement and planning and blueprints. It also provides handy on-the-job tools for tradespeople including glaziers, painters, electricians, plasterers and plumbers. Pros and cons are provided for each app, as well as download and subscription costs.