5 reasons why getting a bag of smokeless coal is a great Christmas present

The countdown to Santa coming down the chimney is on. Your customers with open fires and stoves who want to ensure Santa has a trouble-free journey are being advised that smokeless coal is the best fuel option – for both optimal warmth in the home and to reduce build up in your chimney.
Europe’s largest manufacturer of smokeless coal, CPL, has developed the optimum ‘recipe’ for coal to ensure it provides more heat, greater efficiency and less smoke as a solution to air quality.
Dispelling myths about dirty coal and shining the light on the latest advancements, here are 5 reasons why getting a bag of coal for Christmas will put you on Santa’s ‘good’ list.

  • Recipe for success

Years ago homeowners would only have access to what was available locally; however, today’s consumers have a lot more choice, says CPL’s CEO Tim Minnett who has over 15 years’ experience in the coal industry.
“CPL can essentially create bespoke products for different needs and purposes,” says Tim. “We’ve invested in research and development to nail down the ideal recipe for smokeless coal for use in the home. For a steady burn we blend together Anthracite, a high carbon fuel with the least impurities, with Bituminous coal and Petroleum Coke to make a product that is easy to light, reduces the amount of ash in the appliance/grate and the smoke that goes up the chimney.”

  • A solution to air quality

Smokeless coal contains fewer volatiles and particulates than normal house coal which is good news for air quality. Tim adds: “Smokeless coal emits up to 80% less smoke than burning house coal or unseasoned firewood and is as clean burning as Ready to Burn firewood.  Smokeless coal also has the benefit of being authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, regardless of the appliance you use.”

  • More burn for your buck

Smokeless coals give up to a third more heat than normal house coal and burns for 40% longer which means you won’t need to stock up as regularly. “Smokeless coal briquettes burn more efficiently,” says Tim. “They release their heat in a more controlled way, which means more heat makes it out into your room, rather than being wasted up the chimney. Users will find they won’t have to refuel as often to maintain the same level of heat.”

  • Waste not want not

CPL is continually looking for new renewable energy sources to add into the recipe mix. CPL currently works with olive stone, a by-product of the olive oil making process, and is experimenting with pepper stalks and other biomass products that would otherwise go to landfill.. “Renewable materials are an important element in coal manufacturing for reducing the amount of CO2 in the carbon cycle. Renewable smokeless coal products emit less 40% carbon dioxide.”

  • Handy bags for fire-starters

For those who don’t have a lot of storage space or don’t want to spend hours trying to get the fire going, CPL has developed an all in one bag which users can simply light and enjoy. “It’s convenient and easy to use – ideal to take with you on a Christmas getaway if staying in a property with a multi-fuel stove,” says Tim. “Typically a £5 bag will last an evening.”
For more information on CPL products or to place an order, please visit: www.cpldistribution.co.uk

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