4 situations where cylinders provide the perfect hot water solution

The Chancellor’s spring statement gave an upbeat assessment of the economy, so let’s hope for good times ahead. But whatever the future holds, installers will always need innovative hot water solution to meet customers’ wide-ranging needs. Gledhill takes a look 4 situations where cylinders are the best option:
1 – New homes needed
The Government needs the construction industry to get building – not only because there is a chronic housing shortage in this country, but because it’s a great way to stimulate economic growth across many industries.
So brighter news on the economy should provide a boost for those of you working in that sector, and Gledhill has the perfect product to help you cash in. The StainlessLite Pre-Plumbed unvented cylinder is developed specifically for the new-build housing market, providing the perfect ‘plug & play’ solution. It features a pre-plumbed kit to help reduce installation time, and a standardized pipe configuration, which delivers efficient and uniform installations, time after time.
Just like other products in the range, it is manufactured with high specification stainless steel to resist corrosion, and is fitted with top quality components for durability and reliability. Injected with HCFC free EnviroFoam insulation, the Pre-Plumbed also works to achieve low levels of heat loss and ultimately provide lower bills for homeowners. It is available in indirect capacity models and includes a 25-year warranty, with on-site technical support.2 – Need an industrial solution?
As business confidence grows companies will want to invest in expansion, so they’re ready to take advantage of new orders, and it could well be the bigger companies that invest first. Big projects require big solutions, so it’s good to know Gledhill’s unvented cylinders can provide a capacity of up to 400 litres.
To satisfy the demand for larger projects requiring pressurised, high volume systems, the standard range of StainlessLite unvented cylinders can be coupled together to meet the hot water requirements of a commercial premises.
Using this coupling method will not only provide your customers with all the benefits of the range, but you will be able to enjoy reduced delivery time, as the cylinders are stocked nationwide and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of space needed to house the project.
3 – Improve, don’t move
In the domestic market the challenges are likely to be different. For the first time in many years interest rates are on the rise and many homeowners might decide to increase the value of their home with improvements, rather than move. We also have an ageing population, and many homeowners are caring for elderly parents in their own home, so the demand for extra bathrooms is growing.
This is a great opportunity for you to tap another source of income and you’ll need imaginative solutions for customers, especially where space is at a premium.
With this in mind Gledhill developed the StainlessLite Plus Slimline cylinder. At 475mm diameter, the Slimline is 75mm smaller than the standard cylinder, making it ideal for smaller spaces.
Another solution, if you’re working in a height restricted area, like a loft space, is the StainlessLite Plus Horizontal Indirect cylinder. It is specifically designed to maximize hot water performance with a specialized corrugated heat exchanger.
We understand that flexibility is the key because we want more of your customers to enjoy the benefits of mains pressure hot water.
4 – An eye to the future
It’s very difficult to predict how the renewable sector might grow over the next few years, but one thing is for sure, you will need products that can easily be adapted for customers wanting green solutions.
When it comes to planning for the future, a great advantage of a hot water storage system is that the cylinder installed can be future ready so renewable products – such as a heat pump, solar thermal or even a wood burner can be added – without having to upgrade the cylinder.
If solar thermal is an option going forward, a twin-coil cylinder would be required. For heat pumps (due to the lower temperatures at which they operate), a larger single-coil cylinder, which has a greater surface area, is required. With solar PV, a cylinder with an immersion can heat water during daylight hours for evening use.
Gledhill is committed to continuously improving its product range, both to meet the requirement of new legislation, like ErP, and to continue to make your lives easier. This is why, after extensive installer research, they made big improvements to the best-selling StainlessLite range in 2017.
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