Flamco launches new RedProtect© Filter with in-built water treatment "tablets"

Flamco has launched the RedProtect© Filter, a magnetic filter that allows water treatment “tablets” to fit neatly inside a plastic container that slots in the unit. John Lynch, Sales Director – Domestic at the Flamco Group explains why the new product could be a game-changer for both installers and merchants.
Nobody in the heating industry seriously argues against the use of water treatment in a domestic heating system, to clean the system and then to keep the circulating water clean. A clean system is an efficient system and it makes sense to attach a filter to keep it that way and to make it easy to add additional cleaning chemicals to maintain the system in its best possible condition if you need to, when the system is serviced or when anything is added to the system that dilutes the mix in the system. That’s nothing new and installers and specifiers currently have a myriad of options in the market to achieve just that. But they are all very similar.
So now there is another option available – from Flamco. It’s called RedProtect© and it comes as a package – a highly effective filter with chemicals that fit neatly inside the filter.
What’s new is this is not a water treatment system that relies on liquid chemicals, or a gel. It’s a solid – it’s a number of tablets that fit neatly inside a plastic container that slots into the filter. This is a new approach and offers significant benefits over traditional water treatment systems.
The solid tablets dissolve in the filter and circulate around the system, cleaning the system or providing protection. The system offers a wide range of benefits over and above the existing systems you may know of. This is a sensible, energy efficient, plastic reducing, environmentally friendly, easy to transport, simple to install, easy to dispose of new water treatment system that answers all the issues that current water treatment offerings fail to provide – in one simple to use product package.
RedProtect© Filter
Recirculating heating water systems frequently suffer from a build-up of solids or sludge as a result of both system corrosion and scale formation. In new systems, swarf and debris from initial installation can also be a potential contaminant. Left in the system, these solids and sludge can seriously affect the performance, energy efficiency and, ultimately, the integrity of the system.
The RedProtect© Filter is a side stream device which removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from heating and cooling systems. The strong neodymium magnet attracts magnetic debris, while the reduced water velocity in the collection chamber allows non-magnetic debris to separate in the entrapment chamber and settle in the dirt collector at the bottom. The unit can be cleaned using either the drain valve at the bottom of the filter or by physically removing the magnet and rinsing it under running water.
The first major benefit of the Red Protect© system – the RedProtect© Filter creates 50% lower pressure loss than other units on the market, which results in an up to 8% reduction in energy consumption of the system’s circulation pump.

RedProtect© Chemicals
RedProtect© Corrosion Inhibitor (RP1) is a market changing, concentrated, multi-metal corrosion inhibitor in tablet form. RP1 is designed to protect the system against corrosion and limescale over the duration of its lifetime. RP1 contains both anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors to offer maximum protection for system base metals.
RP1 far exceeds the performance criteria required by the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS) – RP1 offered 600% greater protection for aluminium and 360% for mild steel. RP1 Corrosion Inhibitor is a complete innovation in high performance chemicals for domestic heating systems.
The Energy Saving Trust fully endorses the effectiveness of RP1 Corrosion Inhibitor as a method of maintaining boiler and system energy efficiency.
RedProtect© Cleaner (RP2) is a concentrated universal cleaning agent in tablet form. RP2 is capable of solubilising installations greases and debris, as well as mobilising older, more established magnetic and non-magnetic system debris, ready to be either flushed to drain, or collected in the RedProtect© Filter. [Note: greases will not be removed by the filter – the system will need to be flushed.]
Cleaner is formulated to have a neutral pH and to be effective in both hot and cold water conditions.
The use of RedProtect© chemicals offers the heating industry the ideal opportunity to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated after use of the chemical, in line with global and local opinion on plastic waste in the environment. Compared to traditional liquid domestic heating chemicals, the RedProtect© system offers approximately an 84% reduction in plastic packaging content when compared to a traditional one litre chemical jerrycan and an approximately 77% reduction in plastic when compared to a standard 0.5 litre chemical bottle.
Of the 12.9 g of plastic in the RedProtect© product, all 100% is recyclable.
As a solid product, Flamco can guarantee there will be no spilling and no leaks from the new RedProtect© range.
By minimising the size and weight of the products, Flamco has been able to greatly reduce the costs associated with logistics.
As a concentrated range, Flamco is able to minimise the dimensions and weight of the products, greatly reducing its Carbon footprint. One dose of RP1 Corrosion Inhibitor weighs less than 100 g compared to over 500 g for a competitor’s 0.5 litre bottle or over 1 kg for a one litre alternative.
In addition, as RedProtect© is a compact product to transport and store, it significantly reduces the Carbon footprint generated in delivering the RedProtect© range to market.
The reduced size and weight of RedProtect© products helps to minimise the cost of transportation, the space needed in the merchants’ warehouse and space on the shelves and they are far easier for the engineer to handle and transport in his van.
Support and Technical Back-up
The RedProtect© product greatly exceeds the performance criteria as set by the BuildCert Approval Scheme (CIAS) and has the full endorsement of the Energy Saving Trust for the effectiveness of RP1 Corrosion Inhibitor in maintaining system efficiency. The product range is supported by a full Research and Development and Analytical laboratory, along with a number of highly qualified PhD and MChem Chemists overseeing activity in the facility.
We’re proud to be able to launch a new water treatment system that offers a range of genuine benefits over the existing options that installers and specifiers have been using to date. From the reduced energy consumption of the circulating pump, to the simplicity of the system, the cleanliness, the reduced weight and the significant environmental benefits, RedProtect© is a winner from every angle. It’s easier and lighter to transport without spilling risks and will be a popular option in the merchants and in installers vans, contributing to so many companies own environmental programmes.