How achieving a better work-life balance can help installers reduce stress and pressure

With around 350,000 construction workers experiencing, anxiety, stress or depression right now, anything that can help alleviate the pressure is a welcome step forward. Robert Mark, Tradify UK MD, looks at how installers can manage their admin time effectively to help regain a good work-life balance.
It is unsurprising that construction is a sector with higher than average mental health issues. Long, demanding work hours, instability and unease in the industry, particularly in the wake of the Carillion collapse and with Brexit on the horizon, working away on site, and contract-based jobs can all pile on the pressure. For small businesses, saying yes to every job brings in money, but ushers in problems too with days spent working and evenings and weekends spent catching up on paperwork.
Using the right technology and software can help. Tradify, for instance, can help to relieve the pressures of business administration and give you more time to spend with those that matter by streamlining everyday administrative duties such as scheduling jobs, completing quotes, tracking materials and sending invoices. It can check you are pricing properly, track a job from quote to invoice, clearly see the profit margin on every job, chase late payment and give your employees daily instructions and inform them of materials needed on site.
Mental health is a big issue in the construction sector with a significant number of construction workers suffering from stress and depression. Tradify is all about simplifying and streamlining the admin and overhead associated with each and every job. This can relieve work related pressures and give small business owners much needed time away from their jobs, allowing them to refresh themselves with other activities.
Tradify is offering a free trial to all small business owners, so for more information on how Tradify can help revolutionise your work life balance visit

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