Worcester Bosch welcomes IGEM as hydrogen standards developer

The Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) has been chosen by BEIS to develop hydrogen standards for ‘Hy4Heat’. Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, says that the appointment of IGEM to lead a review into all existing industry standards to identify knowledge gaps, is just the beginning for hydrogen as an alternative fuel source.
‘Hy4Heat’ is a range of inter-related work packages that will form a feasibility study to establish whether it is safe, practical and technically possible to employ hydrogen as a zero-carbon replacement for the natural gas that we currently use to provide domestic and commercial heat.
We welcome the appointment of IGEM to lead this feasibility study, not least because the task ahead looks increasingly difficult to undertake so will need to be expertly handled. Current gas safety standards are quite mature and so, any shortfalls or oversights in the legislation have long since been remedied.
Worcester Bosch’s proactive interest in the development of a hydrogen potential means that we will be awaiting the new standards developed by IGEM with anticipation and will respond accordingly when initial drafts are put out for comment.
On June 15th 2018 BEIS held an industry event for those interested in the development of domestic hydrogen gas appliances – including free standing cookers, combi boilers and built-in hobs.
Owing to the similarities of hydrogen to natural gas, the installation process of appliances in a domestic household will largely be similar to those appliances we make use of today. We do however, welcome IGEM’s industry expertise in generating requirements for the installation of hydrogen products, along with representatives of manufacturers and trade associations for installers to help generate the final documentation that will be used to shape the roll-out of hydrogen across the UK.
The £25 million ‘Hy4Heat’ project marks just the beginning on the road-map to decarbonising our economy. The governments appointment of IGEM is a tangible step towards ensuring that the UK’s history of pioneering gas safety is preserved and developed.
It’s essential that we continue to evolve and develop how we source our energy infrastructure.
Worcester has recently published its ‘The Fuel of the Future’ guide, which lays out considerations and recommendations for the development of a hydrogen-fuelled gas network.

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