Top 4 reasons for installers to consider a cylinder when specifying a heating system

Worcester, Bosch Group’s Martyn Bridges looks at the top reasons installers should consider the latest high efficiency cylinders when they specify a heating system.
 1: Increased demand for hot water
“Most property extensions will involve the addition of another bathroom. Given the fact there are around 15 million combi boilers installed in homes across the UK, it is quite likely that the existing boiler will be a combi boiler that was sized to meet the original hot water requirements of the property – which was probably one bathroom.
“Having more than one bathroom in a property will inevitably place extra work on not just the heating capability of the combi boiler, but particularly the hot water functionality. So fitting an unvented cylinder to the existing combi can be a simple and cost-effective way of meeting the increased demand for hot water.
“This is possible to do and will require alterations to the pipework. Once completed, the hot water side of the combi boiler would then continue to serve the house as it did before, while the new cylinder can serve the extension and provide hot water whenever it is needed. Schematic drawings of how this is achieved are available from your boiler manufacturer.”
2: Renewed interest in renewables
“Cylinders are also a great option for anyone wanting to use renewable technologies to heat their homes. Solar-compatible cylinders generally have two coils: a lower coil that connects to the solar thermal panels, and an upper coil connected to a secondary appliance. The latter will heat the cylinder if there is insufficient solar energy available.
“Once the cylinder has been connected, energy collected through the solar panels can be used to heat the stored water, giving access to a reliable source of hot water with the added bonus of lower energy bills and a boost for those concerned with their green credentials.”
3: Low pressure to high performance
“Most combis need a water pressure of one bar or above and a flow rate of more than 12-15 litres per minute; any lower than this, and the boiler will not be able to function as it should.
“However, there are still many areas throughout the UK where the water mains are renowned for being below the performance of the rest of the country. Installers can offer their customers a more consistent flow of water in this situation, by installing a regular boiler alongside an open vented cylinder, with a cold water storage cistern in the loft or roof space.”
4: Turn the heat up and the cost down
“Modern cylinder technology makes them a real solution to a property’s heating problems. The latest models offer extremely high heat retention levels thanks to some pretty impressive levels of insulation, as well as reliable hot water performance and rapid heat-up times to boot. Homeowners opting for a cylinder can benefit from significantly improved efficiency, which means lower heating bills in the long term.”
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