4 reasons why installers should check out trade shows

Paul McGuire, Associate Channel Manager at Mira Showers, examines and explains the merits of trade shows such as Installer2019.
For many UK businesses, trade shows and exhibitions are a calendar staple, with a great deal of value for both exhibitors and visitors.
As we prepare for next month’s InstallerSCOTLAND show – following a very successful few days at Installer2019 – it’s worth looking at the merits of such events.
1 – Face-to-face
The most obvious benefit is these shows present an opportunity to talk face-to-face with installers and understand their current challenges as a business or sole trader.
We know that for installers it’s not easy to take time out of the business, so we want to make it worthwhile. While social media and our customer call centre allow them regular access to advice and feedback, there’s nothing better than this personal engagement, when we can sit down with installers and find out how we can make their lives easier.
Installer focus groups give us invaluable insight and feedback on our products and innovations; trade shows are a further extension of this process, putting us in front of our key audience.
2 – Inside information
Trade shows mean we can debunk any myths and misconceptions that installers may have around our products, or get a better understanding of their pain points in the industry.
Having experts on the stand allows visitors to vent their frustrations, pat us on the back or get a succinct – and instant – answer to a query. We can also get valuable information on how they access and are serviced by Mira Showers and our merchant partners.
3 – Hands-on 
Visiting our trade show stand mean installers are able to have an expert walk-through of Mira products, which we always try to bring to life, to really demonstrate the functionality and ease of installation.
We can also give a behind the scenes look at installations and offer visitors the opportunity to get hands-on with fittings and other elements.
As any visitor to Installer shows will have seen, we pride ourselves on demonstrating new and exciting developments in products, resources and services, in an interactive and engaging way.
4 – Deal or no deal
As well as the relationship-building side of exhibiting, we shouldn’t forget the financial benefits. It’s estimated that 80% of people who attend trade shows have buying power – so it’s far more than simple window dressing.
And while we are exhibiting our own products and services, trade shows are also a great chance to gauge the rest of the market and see what else is out there, allowing us to remain ahead of the competition and give our installer customers the latest innovation with a brand they can trust.
Mira Showers will be at Installer Scotland, SEC Glasgow, on September 12th.