4 ways a lighter rail system can benefit you


Traditional 41 x 41 strut is often used as a default rail system for all kinds of installations. However, with developments in product innovation, there are now more options available that can offer some great advantages over the traditional strut systems.

How can a lighter rail system benefit me?

For many installations like standard plumbing and heating pipework, ventilation pipes and cable trays, heavy and bulky 41×41 strut is not required. The weight of these types of installations can often be supported by a lighter strut rail which has additional benefits. These include:

  1. Lighter rail can be easier to install – especially when used in overhead applications. Being lighter makes it easier to handle, and less likely to cause accident or injury when used in those more awkward spaces.
  2. Easier to store and transport – as well as weighing less than bulky 41 x 41 strut, lighter rail systems are often available in shorter 2m lengths. Both of these factors can make it easier to store, carry and transport.
  3. Environmental benefits – a light rail is more environmentally friendly as it uses less steel.
  4. Installation speed – some lighter rail systems, like Walraven’s RapidRail®, are designed with a range of fast-fit accessories as standard, to make overall installation quicker and easier!

Save up to 40% fixing time with Walraven’s RapidRail®

Walraven’s RapidRail® system is a complete range of light rail profiles and fast-fit pre-assembled accessories. The rail comes in 2m lengths so it has all the benefits mentioned above of easier installation, storage and transportation.

The biggest time-saving element of the system is the pre-assembled parts. No more messing around with loose nuts, bolts, washers and stud. The ‘Hammerfix’ nuts combine these 4 pieces into one part which simply twists into the rail and is tightened in place, as shown in the video below:

Work smarter not harder

Making the smart choice and switching to RapidRail® will simply make your installs quicker and easier. Don’t just take our word for it, we have feedback from installers who all agree it works a treat.

Craig Reading, Heating Engineer told us: “This system has been a great discovery for me. It’s a huge time-saver, especially on larger installs.”

Find out more about RapidRail® and request a small tester sample from Walraven.

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