5 reasons installers should consider fitting Electric Central Heating systems

Salvatore, Managing Director of IntelliHeat, takes a look at 5 reasons why installers should consider fitting Electric Central Heating systems.
Intelliheat cali avanti sense electric radiators copyWhat do you spend most of your week installing? Does it bring in £2,000-3,000 a week? If not, you are missing out on a massive earning potential. Here’s how:
1: Speed
Installing an Electric Central Heating system from IntelliHeat is half a day’s work. No floors to lift, no flues to install, no boilers to heave into the loft, and no control boards and thermostats to wire up.
Just walk in with the electric radiators, a drill, a level and a screwdriver. With 4 holes drilled, 2 brackets hang each radiator which then just plugs into a standard 15 amp socket. Every radiator has its own inbuilt 7 day programmer and thermostat, allowing the homeowner to control the individual temperature in each room to 0.2 degrees.

Cali Avanti radiator fornham 22/05/13 22051301 Intelliheat
Cali Avanti radiator

2: Comfort and cost
The radiators vary from 600 to 1800 watts, so a 6 rad system will use 3 – 4kw per hour and cost around 42p per hour (with every radiator switched on). Delivering radiant heat instead of convection heat, the room warms up much quicker and stays warm for much longer.
The Triac in the thermostat works using 1000w to heat the room to 15 degrees C and as heat increases, the energy needed reduces, so using just 800 w to heat from 15 to 16 degrees etc.
3: Regulations
Electric radiators comply with EN 60335 and Part L Regs, and are rated as Class II for electrical safety. (Please note that the Chinese imports are ONLY rated at Class 1).
IntelliHeat is currently the ONLY system to comply with the EN Standard requirement for an AUDIBLE AND VISUAL on/off signal. The radiators also have an inbuilt ‘open window’ detector that will switch off the radiator if a window has been opened, saving energy to the homeowner.
4: Manufacturer support
IntelliHeat is based near Cambridge in the UK and radiators are held as stock in the UK, so they can be delivered 24 hours after your order. There’s a stock of spare parts on hand – just in case – but the rads are all guaranteed for 5 years anyway.
5: Smart technology
Apps are available which controls all the electric heating from wherever you are, using your tablet, iPad or smartphone. By adding a small receiver, users can also control the lighting, electric gates, electric shutters and burglar alarm as well.
The Cali Sense and Cali Avanti ranges are perfect for replacing storage heating and for using in rural areas where there is no Gas supply. The opportunities for you as a Contractor are truly endless.
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