5 things installers need to know about the HUB Controller

The Household Utility Bill (HUB) Controller is a Smart Thermostat like no other. Manufactured in Dublin, Ireland, the HUB Controller is set to launch this September. Here’s 5 things you need to know:

  1. The HUB Controller is compatible with any heating system because it can simply replace a mechanical thermostat.
  2. The patented ‘2 wire’ power solution makes the HUB Controller the first device that can replace an old mechanical thermostat without the need for a ‘C’ wire. This allows for a 5-minute installation saving the installer both time and money.
  3. Oliver Hynes, CEO/founder, and the team behind the HUB Controller have over 60 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. Therefore, they understand and value the importance of this channel, as installers advise consumers which product to buy. While current smart thermostats by pass the trade channel and sell directly to the consumer, HUB Controls aims to work directly with the trade.
  4. The HUB Controller and its pricing strategy was designed with the trade in mind. Compared to current smart thermostats on the market, the HUB Controller offers higher trade margins.
  5. With more than 95% of thermostats and heating systems supplied directly through trade channels, it’s important that installers have products that customers want. They will love that the HUB Controller is the first smart thermostat which allows them to monitor their energy consumption and actual spend in real time. Enabling them to set daily/monthly/weekly budgets.

For more information about the Hub Controller Smart Thermostat, please visit: www.thehubcontroller.com