5 things installers need to know about Mira Showers’ new Flight Level tray

Mira Showers has recently launched the Flight Level tray – a 25mm shower tray that offers a low-level, accessible product, while complementing Mira’s range of innovative showers. Roland Boal, head of industrial design, discusses the level of detail that goes into the design and manufacture of every product that comes out of Mira Showers’ factories.

Facts don’t lie, and with more adult children choosing to live in the family home for longer and the older generation opting to live with relatives rather than moving to care facilities, we’re seeing an increase in multigenerational living in the UK, with a total of around 1.8 million households where three or more generations live together.
But what does this mean for installers? When recommending showering solutions, they need to be able to accommodate for the entire family and offer products that meet the needs of both the younger and older generation, combining stylish aesthetics with function.

1 – Manufactured for multigenerational living

At Mira Showers, we are constantly assessing the market to ensure we can provide the complete solution, taking every aspect of the showering experience into consideration, from the shower itself, through to the tray and enclosure. That’s why we invested in a £6m purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in East Riding, Hull.
This enables us to utilise the latest innovations and technologies to bring accessible products to market, such as the new Flight Level tray, that can meet increased demand from an ever-evolving demographic.

2 – Stylish showering solutions

Before any Mira product is brought to market, months of research and testing is carried out to ensure there is suitable demand from both the public and installers. When launching the Flight Level tray, this approach saw Mira work with a well-known housebuilder right from the conception stage, as well as hearing the thoughts from members of its Installer Club.
By taking feedback on board from those who work directly with the latest shower trays, Mira was able to design the product to ensure it could benefit the user, while also being easy to fit.

One thing that soon became clear was the increase in demand for a ‘wet-room look’. Mira looked into a low-level solution that could provide an open and spacious showering experience, while still offering the reliability of a light and strong shower tray.

It was important that the tray was practical and offered easy installation, and therefore we engineered the weight out of the product and designed a honeycomb pattern to form the base, for added reassurance. Stringent analysis was also carried out, including a 25-stone load test and a heat test to ensure the tray could endure high temperatures.

With a view to design trends, we’ve also looked beyond white trays with the Flight Level, and end users can also choose the Flight Level in a Welsh Slate style. Innovative 3D-printing technology has enabled us to replicate the slate material, providing a unique, realistic shower tray design.

3 – Design is in the detail

As with all products within Mira’s Flight range, the new tray is made from durable, acrylic-capped resin stone, is scratch and chip resistant, and features BioCote® technology to reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%.

The BioCote® antibacterial treatment incorporates anti-microbial silver ion technology directly into the Mira Flight Level tray. It protects the surface for the lifetime of the product, complementing cleaning products to provide additional protection 24 hours a day.

4 – Save on waste

We know that a leaking shower tray can cost the end user thousands of pounds and therefore the Flight Level’s removable waste trap, which has been discreetly designed into the side of the tray, is The best in class for chemical resistance and water tightness, and has been specially designed to prevent blockages.

5 – Tools of the trade

Once a prototype had been manufactured, it was then presented to Mira’s Installer Club in Cheltenham. The installers blind-tested the Flight Level tray, with a high percentage choosing the product over similar competitor options.
This gives us the reassurance that the Flight Level provides a practical and stylish tray that the installer can confidently recommend to customers who are looking to futureproof their home with a universal showering solution.