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  1. Here we go again, more nonsense, when will people learn that having “Quality Mark” does NOT make you a good installer, just because someone signs up to a scheme, has the stickers on their vans and their headed paper does not reflect on their ability to carry out a quality installation, why is it these days we are led to believe the only way to show the public you are any good at your job you have to join these schemes, whatever happened to building a good reputation for yourself by carrying out good work, thats how it should be, you build your reputation you don’t buy it.

    Regarding encouraging the uptake of renewables in the UK, well here’s a Newsflash, lower the price of renewables, see that did not take a lengthy review to find the problem, renewables are simply too expensive, that is the fact of the matter and the reason for low uptake, people are not stupid, they can do the math, it is not hard to see that a renewable against a gas boiler will cost you 3 times as much, for a relatively small saving on your energy bills, most people will simply refuse to lay out that very high costs for a renewable when they can pay a lot less for a gas boiler and get the comfort level they require and save on the initial capital, the extra expense for a renewable against the potential energy savings simply is not worth it to the majority of people


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