5 top tips for installing concrete screws


Concrete screws are a versatile choice of anchor suitable for a whole range of building services installations.

It is extremely important that they are installed correctly and according to ETA instructions to avoid catastrophic anchor failure which can result in collapse of the installation.

Walraven gives five top tips to help you install concrete screws safely and effectively:

How to install concrete screws

1. Anchors always require a drilled hole. Even though concrete screws have a thread, for safe installation they should always be screwed into a drilled hole.

2. Do not anchor into a bad hole. The drill hole should be created according to the specifications in the ETA. For example, it must be:

  • Perpendicular to the surface
  • The correct diameter and depth
  • Avoiding any reinforcement
  • Spaced correctly

3. Always clean the hole. This is the most common step to be skipped, but it is important to ensure the drill hole is cleaned of dust debris before inserting the screw anchor. If drill dust remains, you risk being unable to insert the anchor fully into the hole and subsequently causing it to break.

4. Use tools with an appropriate amount of torque and do not overtighten the screws. The ETA will give you specific torque values to guarantee the performance of the screw anchor. If you overtighten the screw or use a tool which is too powerful, you risk breaking the concrete screw.

5. Always take time to plan the installation. Take time to read the ETA installation instructions and brief your team to ensure the concrete bolts or anchors are installed safely and according to the guidelines.

How can Walraven help

Walraven offers a range of high performance ETA approved concrete screws. They can be used in both cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, stone and fire rated installations. Alongside our concrete screws we provide onsite support such as anchor pull tests as well as technical advice to help you with your anchor selection. Read our ‘Guide to Selecting & Installing Concrete Screws’ to find out more about concrete screws, ETAs and read a testimonial about Walraven’s anchors.