6 essential things installers need from their boiler manufacturer

Ideal Boilers’ Chief Technical Officer Dr Elaine Lancaster identifies some of the key things installers demand from their boiler brand.
Manufacturers should spend a lot of time listening to installers and homeowners before designing a new boiler. The feedback should be a vital part of the design process, because if it doesn’t work for them, everyone’s time is wasted.
It should be very much about evolution, rather than radical change, because a good manufacturer will make improvements all the time.
Installers work with boilers every day of their working lives, here are six things that can make a difference.
1: Easy installation
Time is money for installers, so the installation process has to be as simple as possible.
Design is very much the key because selecting the right components and making the process of installation as straight-forward as possible will save the installer time.
One of the key factors in the evolution of boiler technology is the supply chain.  There is a continuous process of refinement with suppliers as boiler manufacturers look to work together with their partners to evolve components that make them more efficient, lighter, smaller, quieter…the list goes on.  Hydraulic components, burners, gas valves, motors, pumps and electronics are all under scrutiny to deliver the most reliable and efficient boiler possible.
2: After sales support
Another vital piece in the jigsaw is customer service. It isn’t rocket science, as consumers we demand the best, why would installers be any different?
Manufacturers need to listen to customers and ensure the business is nimble enough to respond quickly. And this is a constant journey as manufacturers need to adapt to market trends.
It’s worth checking a manufacturer’s website to see if they have a customer charter. Put simply it’s their promise to a customer that they’ll strive to meet expectations, but also that if they have a problem, they can be confident it will be resolved.
Even world-class brands can’t guarantee 100% reliability, but if an issue is dealt with honestly, promptly and to your satisfaction, you might stay loyal.
3: Lighter boilers
In the UK musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) accounted for a staggering 30.8 million sick days lost in 2016*, so clearly the weight of a boiler is vitally important.
For a self-employed installer that’s a major consideration, because if they can’t work their business is in jeopardy.
So as manufacturers we need to ensure we design a boiler that’s light and easy to handle and install, because the quicker it’s on the wall, or in position, the less strain it puts on the installer’s body.
It’s also more cost effective because fewer installers are needed on an individual project, freeing them up to move on to the next job.
4: Easy for homeowner
It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that a boiler’s design needs to work for homeowners too.
We all lead hectic lives and the last thing we need is a boiler with controls that are difficult to understand.
Controls that are easy to use, displays with high-resolution interfaces and backlit screens can make life easier for the homeowner to keep their homes comfortable and their boilers working to maximum efficiency.
5: Loyalty must be rewarded
If installers are going to back your brand they need to be rewarded for their loyalty.
Manufacturers need to provide tangible rewards for repeat business. It might be discounted products, tools to help an installer grow their business or access to training courses.
But loyalty schemes, which can be accessed via the manufacturer’s website or smart-phone app, should also make life easier for installers. Features like easy boiler and warranty registration and free Gas Safe notifications, can all make a big difference.
6: Warranties
It’s not uncommon these days to see five, seven and 10-year warranties with a new boiler.
This isn’t a sales gimmick, it shows a manufacturer has total confidence in their products and they’ve got it covered if any issue arises.
Don’t take our word for it
When it comes to recommending a boiler brand we understand there is really only one opinion that counts… the installers’ opinion.
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