7 reasons to try Walraven’s innovative plastic pipe clip


Fed up with regular plastic clips breaking on you? Or do you need a plastic clip that is temperature resistant and corrosion resistant? Just two reasons why you might like to try Walraven’s plastic clip – starQuick®.

starQuick® are plastic pipe clips with a difference! Made from Polyamide, they are much stronger than standard polypropylene clips, and they have some clever design features to make your life that little bit easier.

What is special about starQuick® clips?

1) Unbreakable – these polyamide clips are strong, durable and impact resistant. The more pliable nature of polyamide means they will not easily snap or break.

2) Self-closing – simply push the pipe into the clip and the clip closes around the pipe. Innovative, fast and effective! See our video demo!

3) Easy to unlock – no need to force these clips open if they require adjustment. Simply apply a little pressure to the pipe next to the clip and unlock it with your thumb – simple!

4) Two-step closing – to allow for flexibility and extra adjustment, the clips have a two-click closing system. Push the pipe in and when you hear the first click, the pipe will be held in place but still adjustable if required. Push down for the second click and the pipe will be secured firmly within the clip.

5) Temperature resistant – starquick® are heat resistant up to 90° constant or 130° intermittent temperature.

6) UV stable – polyamide is UV stable so it will not degrade in sunlight. Perfect if you need to use these clips on outside pipework – you know they will last.

7) Corrosion-resistant and more – polyamide is corrosion-free, oil resistant, halogen-free and recyclable. These properties make it suitable for use in specialist environments like swimming pools and chemical factories for example.

What else do I need to know?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different these clips could be for you. They are available in white, grey or copper colour and can be bought online from Walraven’s nationwide distributors such as Trentside Fixings and JPL Direct.

They are perfect for copper or MLCP installs and do come with a range of accessories for even more versatile fixing.

Request a sample from Walraven

If you would like to try a sample of these clips you can request a sample from Walraven. Here you will also find more information about the product and installer testimonials.