99% of tradespeople identify at least one issue with EV ownership

Research of more than 250 tradespeople conducted by Eureka! has revealed that fewer than one in 20 own an EV (either fully electric or hybrid) for business purposes.

The data shows that, while EV adoption in the trades is broadly comparable with the general public, almost 90% are not considering electric vehicle purchase either currently or in the future.

Purchase cost has been highlighted as the primary barrier to purchase, cited by 73% of respondents. A number of issues around charging feature heavily in the results – with range per charge coming in at 59%, local charging network options at 51%, and charging point installation cost at 31%. On average, respondents identified more than three different barriers, with only 1% seeing none at all.

The tradespeople surveyed average in excess of 530 business miles per week, with the majority of them using a single vehicle.

With sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles set to be banned in 2030, followed by hybrids in 2035, it’s probable that many tradespeople have already reached their final cycle of vehicle purchasing before the ban comes into effect. Interestingly, 7% of respondents declared that they will never go electric for business purposes, and more than a quarter aren’t interested in making the switch in the near future.

It’s also worth noting that 13% of those surveyed for the research declared that they’ve heard of issues around EVs from other tradespeople, which may well feed into their own concerns about taking the plunge.

Richard Mace from Eureka! commented: “There are many, many barriers to overcome to reassure the trade professional that electric is the technology for them. In our opinion, we still seem a good few years away from the tipping point on this. The vehicle isn’t just a means of getting to site, and to the merchants, it’s an office space, rest room and storage facility, so our tradespeople need to have utmost confidence in its reliability and capacity to get the job done. As things stand, there is too much wariness around EV take-up.”

You can read the full data of this research at https://www.eurekaresearch.co.uk/are-electric-vehicles-an-attractive-proposition-for-tradespeople-in-2023/