A Green Future for UK Leisure Industry with bioLPG

George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK, looks at how the industry is transitioning to bioLPG.

Many of us across the UK are keen to adopt a greener lifestyle, so the good news is you don’t have to over-haul your LPG system. Sustainable living is possible with the introduction of bioLPG.

You may have seen the news or heard about the Government’s ambitious plans for a Net Zero future. Likewise, you may have read headlines about boilers being banned and that homes will need to move onto low-emissions systems.

You may have been wondering what this means for your LPG system in your home away from home, whether a Caravan or holiday home, whether you like to pitch up at a campsite or drive your home comforts around with you in your motorhome.

The good news is that your LPG systems are fit for the future, as industry is transitioning to bioLPG a ‘drop-in’ renewable fuel.

bioLPG is renewable, made from a diverse mix of sustainable feedstocks, it provides up to 90% carbon emissions reduction and is clean burning, just like traditional LPG.

You can use bioLPG in your existing LPG appliances, such as your tanks or cylinders, boilers, fires, hobs and ovens, in fact any LPG appliance. So no expensive upgrades or new appliances are needed in order to start using it.

Whether it’s for a hot shower after a muddy trek, burning burgers on the BBQ or curling up in front of the fire with a book, bioLPG provides the same instantaneous heat and hot water.

Existing LPG users do not need to do anything if they want to benefit from bioLPG in the future, as the industry is aiming to offer everyone the opportunity to use bioLPG over the coming years. Alternatively, for those who want to use bioLPG today, it is available on the UK market from a selection of suppliers.

Here at Liquid Gas UK, the trade association for the LPG and bioLPG Industry, we are excited to be on the journey to Net Zero with you.

For more information on bioLPG visit www.liquidgasuk.org/about/biolpg