ACV UK announces new CIBSE approved CPD

ACV UK has announced the launch of its new CIBSE approved CPD training module, ‘Factors driving material selection for hot water storage products’.

Split into easy-to-read sections, the new CPD looks at water composition, how this can vary between regions and the effects it can have on materials commonly used in the manufacture of hot water tanks. It also covers the different types of corrosion and how this can trigger and manifest.

Discussing how factors such as careful product and material selection can help to minimize these risks, the new CPD explores the different product materials available, along with their benefits and drawbacks, and how these compare to each other when it comes to the performance of domestic hot water products in commercial applications. Market drivers such as regulations and costs are also addressed.

Suitable for anyone involved in the management of domestic hot water in commercial buildings, including consultants, contractors and specifiers, this new 45–60-minute long CPD can be delivered in person, either at a customer’s premises or at any of our Expert Academy training facilities, or online.

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