ADEY answers your questions live on Twitter

ADEY ProCheck® is set to revolutionise the way you do water testing. You’ve heard about it, you may have seen it, but is there something you really need to know before you do anything about it?

Installer is holding a live Q&A session with ADEY over on Twitter to answer your burning questions.

ADEY ProCheck is the UK’s first universal digital water test that gives you instant lab-style results and recommendations using a smartphone. Testing for inhibitor, corrosion and pH levels in heating system water, ADEY ProCheck will give you independent validation of the quality of water in the system onsite, so you can complete any remedial action without leaving the property.

ADEY ProCheck helps you:

  • Educate the homeowner on the importance of good water quality
  • Give visible proof of the need for water treatment
  • Build trust and peace of mind with third-party recommendations
  • Save time & money
  • Demonstrate your work is completed to high standards with an after test.

Join us live on Thursday 3rd September at 19:30 for a live #InstallerASK.

Follow Installer and ADEY‘s Twitter accounts and send your questions using #InstallerASK, and we will answer them during the live Q&A.

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