ADEY Business Tools launching January 2021.

ADEY is launching ADEY Business Tools in January 2021.

Offering added value services can often be considered something that businesses with bigger means and resources can offer, and not something that smaller businesses have access to. This often leaves things like offering service plans and having an online quoting tool on your website to a minority of businesses.

Designed to enable heating engineers to professionalise their business and better compete in a post pandemic world, ADEY Business Tools gives them the opportunity to offer added value services. The first two tools available will be the ability to add Service Plans to their offering and add a Quoting Tool to their website.

ADEY has selected key specialist platform developers to offer this service to ADEY ProClub® members.

The Service Plan feature from Tradehelp enables installers to offer hassle-free service plans to their customers. It ensures easy customer sign-up, complete terms and conditions and total direct debit management, so installers don’t need to worry about the time consuming creation of T&Cs or added admin because it’s all managed in the tool itself. It means installers can offer plans at their own monthly price, so they can improve customer loyalty and generate income all year round.

Ideal to for those wanting to use their website as a lead generator, the new Quoting Tool feature from Truequote allows installers to add a customised quote builder to their website. Not only does the tool give homeowner leads a professional quote, it also has the benefit of notifying the installer when new high quality leads arise for quick and easy follow up.

Available to ADEY ProClub® members from January 2021, these specially created business support options will mean that installers don’t need to spend time and money developing their own platforms or engaging with partners to be able to offer additional services, as ADEY Business Tools will do this for them.

Providing a strong point of difference, using these tools will mean installers look more professional to both new and existing customers, and make them better able to compete in the marketplace. Ultimately, unlocking the potential for growth and maximising the potential of every job.

ADEY ProClub members will be able to personalise the Business Tools to suit their needs, freeing up the ability for installers to put the focus on getting the actual work done.

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