ADEY influences new government campaign

Siobhan Baillie, MP for the Stroud constituency where ADEY HQ is based, raised ‘sludge’  as an issue with The Rt Hon Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (ESNZ), prior to his department recommending whole system maintenance, including water treatment, as part of their next government energy saving campaign.

Since being invited to ADEY’s HQ in February to hear about the role of effective water treatment in helping to lower energy use and reduce carbon emissions from the home, Ms Baillie has spoken about radiator sludge twice in Parliament.

In a recent meeting with the Secretary of State, Ms Baillie used the ADEY demo jar to illustrate the problem of dirty system water and the impact of magnetic filtration in system cleaning. She referred to this demonstration when speaking on the subject in the House of Commons, calling on the government to include water treatment in their energy saving communications campaigns and to “look a bit more lively” on this ahead of next winter. This week, the government’s ‘Help for Households’ online guide has been updated with advice for homeowners preparing to reduce their energy consumption and bills next winter including advice for a Deep Clean of the System and Servicing.

Neil Watson, ADEY’s Chief Technical Officer, commented: “To hear that the next government communications campaign for homeowners will include advice to clean and maintain their heating systems feels like a real landmark moment – for everyone in the sector who shares ADEY’s dedication to have a positive impact on the environment and people’s lives through heating system protection.

“We have been working with others in our industry to raise awareness of the scale of the problem of inefficient heating, and the ways it can be addressed, for many years. While understanding of the benefits of whole system testing, cleaning and maintenance has grown among installers, it’s not a subject that homeowners are familiar with.

“That’s why Siobhan’s support is so significant in helping us to raise the subject higher up the government’s agenda. By talking about sludge in Parliament, and directly with the Secretary of State, she is shining the spotlight on system cleaning and maintenance as a low-cost solution that can improve system efficiency and save people money.

“This is a subject that we’re working on with colleagues throughout the sector. We joined others in responding to the Improving Boiler Standards and Efficiency Consultation and are working on a project with BEAMA, the UK trade association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure technologies and systems, and the Cross Parliamentary Group for Energy Awareness.”

On hearing that the new government energy saving campaign includes advice for a ‘Deep Clean’, Siobhan Baillie comments: “I am really chuffed that tackling radiator sludge will now be part of the government’s advice to cut heating costs this winter after our campaign.

This is something I have raised with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and in parliament on behalf of ADEY because flushing heating systems makes homes much more efficient and with lower emissions too.

“Government is working to ensure that householders are armed with energy efficiency knowledge and information during cost-of-living pressures so it never made sense to miss out water filtration measures from the advice.

“It is a pleasure to advocate for such an excellent business based in my constituency. Radiator sludge may be one of the strangest things I’ve been known to successfully campaign about but raising awareness about this will make a difference to households around the country!”

Neil Watson concludes: “Alongside the cost-saving benefits to homeowners, we believe that the widespread adoption of effective water treatment and system maintenance can have a significant contribution to the UK’s progress towards Net Zero. We can be part of the solution, which is why we’re making as much noise as we can.

“Together, we have an opportunity to help homeowners understand how to act upon the government’s advice for a Deep Clean of the System and Servicing, and the benefits that this can bring in saving costs, energy usage and reducing carbon emissions.”

ADEY has a range of tools that are free for installers to use when talking to homeowners about ‘deep cleaning a system’, including an explainer video and helpful leaflet. To get a copy visit or email