Air Source Heat Pumps are a key talking point during Big Energy Saving week

AOS Heating has given their full support to The Big Energy Saving Week, which aims to help people cut their fuel bills and raise awareness of energy efficiency issues.
aos webThe Big Energy Saving Week, which is in its fifth year, offers advice and support on how to make your homes more energy efficient.
An Air Source Heat Pump is an innovative and fresh approach to providing hot water and heating using the energy contained in the air itself. Air Source Heat Pumps extract their energy from the outside air, concentrate it to the right temperature and then transfer it to your heating system. The energy extracted from the outside air and transferred to your heating system can be used to heat your entire home including your radiators, under floor hating and water tanks.
Anthony Owen, Director at AOS Heating commented: “We are proud to be supporting the Big Energy Saving week with our Air Source Heat Pumps. They are such economic way to save money and an excellent use of renewables.”
With the cost of heating rising and the days and nights getting colder as winter approaches, Air Source Heat Pumps are the perfect solution to keep costs down and efficiently heat homes. This is because the Air Source Heat Pumps are powered by renewable energy, so not only do they help to protect the environment, but could also cut carbon emissions by 30%-50%.
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