Alpha launches Hydro Heat Pump Solution

As the new Future Standard comes into force and the UK works towards achieving net-zero ambitions by 2050, the domestic heating sector is set to go through a revolution over the coming years. With UK homeowners seeking greener home heating alternatives, Alpha has launched a new addition to its existing heat pump range.

The Alpha Hydro is a single-phase solution which pairs with a pre-plumbed 200 litre cylinder and Smartech controls to provide the ultimate in renewable heating efficiency. Cleverly working to be as efficient as possible, the air source heat pump solution utilises low-temperature heat from the outdoor air and increases the heat within the system. This can then be transferred, for example, to water that circulates around radiators or even underfloor heating in the home.

The most noticeable difference in using the Hydro heat pump compared to a boiler is that it is a low-temperature system best suited to continuous operation. This contrasts with the tried and tested gas boiler which switches on and off during the day to keep the house at a required level.

A standout feature of the Hydro is its built-in weather compensation probe. This is designed to ensure precise monitoring of inside and outside temperatures. By ensuring timely changes in the heat delivered, the weather compensation will help to keep the desired levels of heat in the property constant without the homeowner noticing any fluctuations. This is one of the reasons heat pumps are so energy efficient.

Smartech Controls

The Hydro is best managed using the Alpha Smartech controller, enabling smart app based remote control. These enable users to programme their heating systems to suit their lifestyle and desired comfort level from anywhere, thanks to a wireless thermostat which links to Wi-Fi via a mobile device. These are compatible with the Alpha Smartech app available on iOS and Android to help make remote heating adjustments even easier.

Control Panel

In addition, and to save installation time and space, the pre-plumbed 200-cylinder assembly comes fitted with a fully wired control panel. The only requirements are connections to the outside heat pump using a two-core cable and a 13A power supply. The Smartech thermostat is then wirelessly connected for temperature and time user settings with the Wi-Fi user app option. An optional further heating zone can be served directly from the cylinder with the second zone kit valve and Smartech expansion kit.


  • Ideal retrofit and new build renewable solution
  • 5,8,12,16kW single phase heat pumps paired with a 210 Litre pre plumbed cylinder with prefixed controls
  • Top heat loss Energy Class B – 56W making the cylinder energy efficiency much higher
  • Fully modulating Grundfos UPMXL 15-125 pump fitted for all system sizes
  • Small in diameter and height making it an easier fit for smaller properties
  • Fully high grade 316 Stainless steel cylinder and manifold with all brass connections
  • Soft blanket high grade insulation with zero GWP and ODP
  • 13A Switched spur power connection drawing Max 10.5A
  • Total cylinder weight 65kg (empty) and 272kg (full)
  • Easy pipework connections and simple wiring
  • MCS certified
  • Connect and Notify Approved

Daniel Wilden, renewable product manager for Alpha, commented: “The Alpha Hydro offers those who are ready to embrace energy efficient technology the perfect solution to do so. With the Hydro heat pump able to operate at a lower temperature for longer, homeowners need no longer worry about turning their heating on and off to keep their homes at a desired level. The brains of the system will work to be as efficient as possible, always keeping the home at an ideal and even temperature. It is vital for installers to understand the requirements of this system as they will be obliged to ensure that it is set up correctly for optimum performance. Our training is available to assist installers in doing this.”

Specialist Training for Installers

Offering dedicated training to installers, Alpha is proud to support installers with the transition to renewable heating systems. Now available at various locations nationwide, Alpha’s in-house specialists provide practical advice on system designs, key features and considerations when fitting a heat pump; together with expert, hands-on training in product positioning and installation.

Alpha encourages installers to attend its free training centres in order to improve product knowledge and skills and stay up to date with the latest innovations and gain practical hands-on experience. Those who take up the training also have the opportunity to discuss the latest energy saving products and relevant legislation.

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