Alto Energy will launch new Alto Assured Heat Pump Installer Scheme at InstallerSHOW


Following the start of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant for heat pumps, Alto Energy is excited to launch their new Alto Assured Heat Pump Installer Scheme at this year’s InstallerSHOW at the NEC in Birmingham.

For years Alto Energy has been a market leading supplier of heat pumps alongside their unique combination of installer benefits including free training, MCS umbrella services and project referrals through a Partner Installer network. Now, all of these things, along with a host of new benefits, are being brought together under a single banner, which will enable heating installers to take their business to the next level and install heat pumps.

Heat Pump Training

As an experienced heating installer, your first step into the world of heat pumps should start with training. With a huge range of different products out there, it can be daunting knowing where to start.

Alto Energy provides free training courses exclusively for qualified heating installers at their new training centre in Oxfordshire. Led by Alto Energy’s senior heat pump engineer, installers have a unique opportunity to get hands-on with a range of heat pump equipment, and get straight into the detail of the knowledge they need to start installing heat pumps, straight away. If getting to Oxfordshire is a problem, there are also regular courses delivered by webinar.

All training courses provide an automatic pathway to becoming an Alto Assured Partner Installer.

MCS Umbrella

In order to ensure that heat pumps delivered the emissions and bill savings promised to a consumer, as well getting access to Government grants like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, heat pumps must be designed and installed according to the latest Microgeneration Certification Scheme (“MCS”) standards. “Giving you confidence in home grown energy” is the MCS slogan, and that is exactly why MCS plays such an important role in the growth of the heat pump market, by ensuring that homeowners are confident in the technology and its ability to do what installers say it will do.

That said, if you’re a self-employed heating installer or run a small heating business, getting your head around the detailed design process for heat pumps, as well as the additional administration associated with installing heat pumps, can be a significant challenge.

The Alto Assured MCS Umbrella takes away all of those problems. The scheme enables the customers of Alto Assured Partner Installers to receive a fully MCS accredited heat pump installation, without all the hassle of maintaining the accreditation and compiling all of the paperwork yourself. Alto Energy carry out all of the MCS design work, specify and supply the heat pump equipment, and one of their experienced heat pump engineers will inspect, set to work and commission the installation once completed. Alto Energy assumes full responsibility for the full scope of work, including design, supply, installation, set to work and commissioning of the heat pump system. The customers will receive a comprehensive handover pack, including MCS certificate, and Alto Energy will also apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant on their behalf.

Partner Installer Network

One of the most significant benefits of becoming an Alto Assured Partner Installer is the opportunity to install heat pumps on Alto Energy’s vast array of exciting heat pump projects. From multi-plot developments to high-end residential refurbishment projects and fully funded eco projects delivered in conjunction with their strategic partner Agility Eco. Alto Energy’s track record in the heat pump industry means they design and supply hundreds of heat pump systems each year. Each of these projects requires a skilled, trained and vetted installer – and that’s exactly what the Alto Assured Partner Installer Network represents.

Get Started With Heat Pumps

If you’re an experienced heating installer looking to get started, or get more involved with heat pumps, there is no quicker or more straightforward way than getting in touch with Alto Energy today.