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  1. From Craig (@alphatecheating): I fully agree with this to a point. However can’t be individual be blamed?

    That is the question. Surely the fault lies entirely at the door of the industry which allows the level of incompetence to form a pass rate. Gas Safe making the ACS examination more book related than practical skill based..

    An individual who say works for BT. Made redundant after 20 years, no way to retrain at such an age as a young apprentice, has bills family to support etc. So sees this ‘fast track’ course advertised it’s a pass… They know no different at that stage. They do it to create a better future. Something we all want.

    Fast trackers is a term we all use. It’s appropriate but is it right?

    Surely the issue is with the industry. The colleges, the ACS centres that accept these individuals knowing that they have no experience and give them the bare essentials to become gas safe.

    I know I could spend 3/4 weeks with someone new to the industry and get them past that book and multiple choice exam paper. There lies an issue. We should have more rigorous checks in place, more serious penalties for dangerous gas works etc.

    The industry itself is to blame in my opinion and that is a topic to address alongside educating ‘fast trackers’ further than a few weeks.


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