Ariston has launched Ariston Net which allows users to remotely control heating

Ariston has launched Ariston Net, an exciting new service which allows end users to remotely control their heating and hot water any time, from any location.
Compatible with all Ariston’s current evo boilers, as well as a Sensys advanced thermostat which comes with the unit, Ariston Net simply requires a ‘Gateway’ device to be installed and connected to a Wi-Fi or GPRS network. The dedicated Ariston Net app can then be downloaded to a compatible tablet or smartphone, enabling real time control through a user-friendly interface.
The Ariston Net app offers greater adjustment of the boiler, due to its ability to set the desired temperature in real time, eliminating lengthy waits for the heating and hot water system to warm up. There is also a ‘weekly’ mode that allows bespoke settings to be programmed for each day of the week, via coloured zones which appear on a device’s screen (with white zones representing the preferred high temperature and grey zones the lowest).
Ariston will be continuing to develop the functionality and energy saving credentials of the new service, with the company set to add features such as remote diagnostics later in 2016.
Commenting on the new app, Mustafa Findik, Managing Director at Ariston, said: “Ariston Net is a real step forward in heating control and we’re really excited about its launch. From January 2016, users will be able to manage their systems remotely from a mobile device, providing them with greater levels of controllability as well as enhanced energy efficiency. Once the ‘Gateway’ has been fitted, homeowners simply need to download the app for complete heating and hot water control to be at their fingertips.”
The Ariston Net app is available through the AppStore and Google Play. Alternatively, additional information can be obtained from Ariston’s customer service team on 0333 240 8777.
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