ARMD helps trade business recover from smash and grab raid

James Flamson is a skilled, self-employed auto-technician with extensive experience who, over the years, has worked with renowned automotive companies like Renault.

Over time, his business has transitioned from servicing customer vehicles to installing camera and safety systems on trucks through to campervan conversions. Nowadays, James finds himself spending more time on the road than in the workshop, making his van – and the tools within it – vital to his business operations.

When it comes to building campervan conversions, James relies on a wide range of tools: sanders, drills, angle grinders, nail guns, ratchets, impact drivers… the list is endless. Having accumulated this inventory over the years, he still remembers the challenges he faced at the beginning and understands how devastating it would have been to lose his tools.

“I built up what I needed for the job over a few years; you get parents and family members to chip in and buy stuff for birthdays or Christmas,” James explains. “Nowadays, because I’m getting a lot of work, I buy them when I need them. But if someone is starting out in the trade and building that collection, losing your tools would be a big blow.”

During the early stages of ARMD’s development, James came across an advertisement for the app. Little did he know that it would prove invaluable when the unthinkable happened last October — his unit where his camper van business is based was broken into and his tools were stolen. However, thanks to ARMD, the claims process was incredibly straightforward.

“I wasn’t using the app at the time, but I used all my email receipts for tools, worked out what was gone, added it all onto the app and submitted my claim,” James explains. “I just submitted my claim via the App listing all the tools from my inventory that were missing, went on holiday and then the money came into my account and I could order all my tools before I even got home! It was a really smooth process and from submitting the claim to getting the money took less than a week.”

James has since listed all his tools on the ARMD app, which not only proves useful for potential future claims but also provides him with a comprehensive overview of his inventory, including the age of each tool. This feature allows him to maintain an up-to-date record of his tools.

“The app is easy to use. If you have receipts, get them all added in. But if you want to you can photograph your tools and use that as well to help with proving purchase. You can add photos just as easily as any other information,” James notes.

ARMD offers hard working tradespeople like James four key ways to protect their businesses: recording, protecting, insuring, and replacing. The app can be conveniently downloaded, and all its features are also accessible through the website.

ARMD proved to be the perfect solution for James, as it covers not only the tools in his workshop but also those inside his van. Additionally, it provides coverage for tools 24/7, including while they are in transit.

“You can’t always take stuff out when you have that many tools,” he says. “You can’t just bring them in the house every night or, if you’re staying away from home, you can’t take them into a hotel room if you’ve got a van full.”

ARMD’s tool insurance is designed specifically to help tradespeople quickly recover after theft incidents. In the event of a claim, tradespeople can

seamlessly submit a Claim Report directly from the app, eliminating the stress of dealing with claim handlers. ARMD also offers a free tool inventory feature, simplifying the claiming process by allowing users to efficiently record and manage their tools in one place. The company aims to process claims within 72 hours to minimise business disruptions.

To enhance security the ARMD Guard Smart Van Alarm and tracker, a plug-and-play sensor that combines smart technology with insurance coverage. In the event of a break-in, the alarm immediately alerts the user through a phone call, enabling them to take immediate action by contacting the police. Additionally, it incorporates GPS tracking, facilitating the location and recovery of stolen vans.

Using ARMD provides James with genuine peace of mind, and he strongly recommends other tradespeople explore the company’s offerings.

“I think a lot of people rely heavily on their tools but you hear stories where lack of insurance or protection has put them out of business. It’s just heartbreaking to see.”

ARMD’s comprehensive coverage, convenient claims process, tool inventory management, and security products make it an essential tool for tradespeople like James who depend on their equipment for their livelihood. By safeguarding their tools and providing efficient support in case of theft, ARMD ensures that professionals can recover swiftly and continue their business operations without costly disruptions.

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