Asbestos training: A requirement for a reason

The ability to identify and avoid asbestos is essential to work safely within the construction industry. Though British workplaces are among the safest in the world, as reported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the 4,500 deaths due to asbestos related diseases each year are a stark reminder of the dangerous substance present in so many of our buildings.
It is statistics such as these which inspired NAPIT Training to host an asbestos awareness training taster session at this year’s NAPIT EXPO and, for the benefit of installers who could not attend, release a free-to-view video of this session online.
An Introduction to Asbestos Awareness, is an overview of NAPIT’s full, Independent Asbestos Training Provider (IATP) approved course. IATP approval means that NAPIT’s course has been independently audited to demonstrate compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012).
The session includes information to help with the identification of asbestos such as its properties, the different types and where it is commonly found. Also covered is the legislation, regulations, effects on health and emergency procedure.
Installers who have not yet undertaken asbestos training should know that it is a legal requirement to do so, An Introduction to Asbestos Awareness will provide an understanding of what to expect from the complete half-day NAPIT course.
Here’s a taster video of NAPIT Training’s asbestos awareness:

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