Back to business

Soaring Scousers

Well it wasn’t the best international round of fixtures for the three lions! Ol Roy tells us not to worry? He’s having a Turkish bath. Losing to Chile in the most unflattering of ways and then to a second string German side. He better get back to the drawing board and quick. We need solutions before we travel to Samba state Brazil Roy!
Anyway that’s next year, we got bigger things to worry about this weekend. The Merseyside derby is what I’ll be keeping my eye on. Suarez looks in fine form and Jagielka will probably still be feeling the aftereffects of Ze Germans. I think the Derby is going to see red.
Man City will get their chance again to show they’ve got more in their locker. At home to Spurs is a good chance for them to get their loaf’s down and show everyone what money can buy.
The tough game will be the Gunners meeting the Saints. The south coast outfit are in a good run of form and I think Arsenal won’t have it as easy as they might like. Especially since that bulldog Wilshire is out injured.
Right let’s get back to business, Premier League bring it on.