Bale away…

Soaring Scousers

Seems like I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging malarkey!
So another Briton could be on the brink of moving across the seas to sunny Spain. Gareth Bale looks like he’s swapping the hotspur faithful for the galaticos. History tells us though that this could be a bad move for the welsh Julius Caesar!
Doesn’t take my Chinese blind too long to remember the likes of Woody, Steve mac and Owen who gave in to the siesta. A move that we all thought would send them into the history books; instead they ended up in the Real Madrid catalogue of failed Brits! Apart from his royal majesty David Beckham, it always seems a bit difficult for the home-grown to adjust to the ‘Liga’.
And another thing, all these decent players leaving the Premier League ain’t going to help the league’s reputation! We need to bring some big names over sharpish. We need these fat cats at the clubs to delve into their sky rocket and dice that bread out! After all the Premiership is the best league in the world.
Spurs are set to fork over some bee’s for Soldado who seems to have been scoring for fun over at Valencia, so I wonder how he’s gonna cope over here with the rain! He could be a coy pick for your team! Only a couple of weeks to go until the real man’s sport comes back on the custard! So stop messin about and make sure you’ve picked your team.
Right I’m off down the nuclear sub for an Aristotle of the lands finest. Jog on!
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