Is the bathroom the only place Brits can get peace and quiet?

As new research reveals that the bathroom is the only place today’s Brits get some peace and quiet, HiB is urging bathroom designers to make the most of the opportunity by helping their customers create a bathroom which offers a sanctuary-like retreat.
According to the new research study, a colossal 3.7 million Britons now see the bathroom as a retreat, being one of the only places to ‘find solitude’ and stay quietly away from busier parts of the home. This follows the increased use of smartphones and busier lifestyles leaving little time for a moment’s peace.
Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB comments: “It is no surprise that today’s ever-busy consumers are viewing the bathroom as far more than just a functional room but rather a refuge. As we all know, recent years have seen the advent of technology having a marked impact on our everyday life; whether it’s responding to work emails on our smartphones, keeping up to date with social media or simply watching TV, we rarely spend any time without some form of technology involved and are constantly accessible.
“As such, the bathroom provides one of the only areas of modern day life where it’s perfect acceptable to shut the door, cut off from the world and enjoy some me time.”
As a business committed to making Britain’s bathrooms beautiful, HiB has long been campaigning for bathroom designers to play a more integral part in the process – ensuring consumers pay full diligence to the finer design details which can make all the difference to an interior concept.
Ash adds: “Previously, when installing a new bathroom, the focus has been on the choice of furniture or the sanitaryware. However this is changing, with consumers seeking the finer details which will add the ‘real wow’ factor; for example, a well-placed illuminated mirror to provide a stunning focal point, or effective lighting which can be adjusted in line with their mood. It’s these subtle touches which can take a bathroom design from ordinary to beautiful, creating the perfect refuge for the increasingly busy Briton.”
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