Baxi lends its support to veteran charity ‘Houses 2 Homes’

Baxi has donated boilers to seven homes being rebuilt under the pioneering initiative ‘Houses 2 Homes’.  This initiative helps to re-build the lives of veterans by employing and training them in a range of building and renovation skills while transforming derelict properties into homes for ex-service families to live in.
Around one million homes are lying empty in the UK.  This can have a devastating effect on communities as the homes ruin with time and/or are knocked down by local governments leaving a derelict and desolate area.   Many of these empty houses are perfectly sound structures and would provide more than adequate housing.
The Houses 2 Homes initiative is run by Training Regeneration Education Employment and Sustainability Services (TREES), a social enterprise which aims to get people in to work.  The first project was started back in May 2012 in Mansfield, where the local council donated seven derelict houses to the scheme.   Two homes have already been completed and the hope is for all seven to be completed by summer 2013.
Andrew Keating, Baxi’s Managing Director, recognises the value of these schemes to ex-servicemen and is thrilled that Baxi has been able to get involved.
“It is saddening to hear that around one in twenty servicemen find themselves homeless on leaving the Army because they have been unable to transfer the skills they learnt in the forces to civilian life.  The Houses 2 Home initiative provides these men and women with training across a number of different areas, giving them a broad range of skills to take forward into future employment.  The fact that the scheme then results in homes for ex-service families to live in is an added bonus.”

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