Baxi sales team join production line to help out during Covid-19 pandemic

Three members of the Baxi sales joined the production line at the boiler company’s Preston manufacturing site, when orders peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The month-long secondment put sales team colleagues Daniel Kinsella, Dean Worrell, and Paul Trotman, through rigorous training programmes and a dexterity test to ensure they were fit to work on the line. Once passed, they joined the production team to start assembling Baxi boilers.

Starting at a low base of production, the sales team soon tripled their capacity while working on the boiler production line. This additional support helped the production team to fulfil the influx of orders, and crucially meant that customers were not kept waiting for essential heating and hot water systems.

David Cook, UK Sales Director at Baxi, said: “Swapping sales for soldering irons was probably not something that Daniel, Dean or Paul, ever envisaged they would do during their careers at Baxi. However, they all stepped up to the challenge to develop their knowledge and skills, joining the production team at a busy time, when orders were increasing significantly.

“As well as gaining a greater understanding of the manufacturing process from start to finish, the time on the production line provided our three colleagues with a wealth of new manufacturing experience and knowledge which they have all taken back to their sales roles.

“We are really proud of them and the rest of the production team for their service this year, keeping the nation supplied with crucial heating and hot water services. We thank them for all they continue to do for Baxi and our customers.”

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