BBC broadcaster speaks out on the controversial subject of wind farms

BBC broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham(pictured right) speaks out in an interview for the Heating and Hotwater Industry’s publication the HHIC Journal on the controversial subject of wind farms.
2012 was a good year for the performance of renewable energy generation and most of this growth was down to on and off shore wind farms. It is important that we have a mix of energy in the future to meet the UK’s carbon emission targets.
Wind farms create much debate and some people feel very strongly about them blighting the landscape.
Chris Packham said:
“I will be very frank about this issue. I have no sympathy for the beauty of the landscape whatsoever. The landscape where I live could not be described as beautiful because it has pylons running through it. These pylons run all the way up to a very large power station. I walk in the area and I don’t even notice them unless I look up and see a bird nesting on them. So we have a feature in our landscape that is unattractive but we do actually get used to it. I have no doubt that wind turbines will be the same in the future.  When you grow up with something like this as a feature in the landscape your mind selects it out. These ideas that they ruin the landscape visually, I have no time for at all.
“I also have no sympathy at all for any nimbies who say we don’t want that ugly thing in our backyard. You will not have a backyard if you do not have these ugly things somewhere.
“The more critical issue for me is in terms of their impact on the living environment. I went to a conference about three years ago, to try and get to the bottom of what actual impact wind farms have on birds, resident and migratory. I came away none the wiser. There is still much misunderstanding and research to be done on how wind turbines have an impact, if they have an impact and where they have an impact. This is an area where we should be investing financially for scientific research so we can progress more rapidly with siting them in places that have less impact.”
Roger Webb HHIC director said:
“We are delighted that Chris Packham has provided us with a very honest and passionate interview for the July issue of the HHIC Journal.  It is vital that in the future we do have a mix of energy as we need to become less dependent on fossil fuels by encouraging consumers to take up renewables and other energy efficient products. Clean energy includes energy efficiency and clean energy supply options like wind as well as other renewable energy sources that have less impact on the environment. Our energy future will take a different path as energy prices increase and it becomes more pressing to become energy efficient.”