The benefits of heat pump technology (video)

Daikin UK has released a series of homeowner testimonial videos to highlight the benefits of its Daikin Altherma heat pump range in everyday situations.
The videos—which can be found on Daikin’s YouTube page—chart the experience of homeowners across the UK who have been converted to Daikin Altherma heat pump technology. Many of the videos demonstrate the benefits of the innovative Daikin Altherma hybrid system, which combines a high-efficiency combi boiler with an electric heat pump. Other case studies focus on the Daikin Altherma high-temperature heat pump system as a solution for properties in rural areas that relied previously on costly and undependable oil systems.

From taking the initial decision to adopt an air-to-water heating system, to evaluating its success and the savings made so far—including the payments afforded by the Renewable Heat Incentive—the video case studies bring to life the reality of heating your home with renewable technology.
David Lacey, heating & renewables commercial director at Daikin UK, comments: “It’s important for us to give a voice to the real-life experiences of homeowners who have installed and use Daikin products.
“We’re confident that Altherma can help save homeowners money, but from an end user point of view, it sometimes has to be seen to be believed. The video case studies are part of a wider initiative from Daikin to provide installers with everything they need to champion renewables.
“We know from our installers that testimonials such as these are invaluable in reassuring others that renewables can be a sensible heating solution for their homes, and are therefore crucial in driving uptake of renewables in the wider market.
“We’re planning to add to our existing bank of case studies with future projects, and compiling a comprehensive video library of real, existing air-to-water installations in homes across the country. Be sure to keep an eye out for more video testimonials coming soon.”
The Daikin Altherma range of heat pumps includes hybrid, low-temperature split and high-temperature split systems to suit a range of domestic applications.
Altherma heat pumps qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which provides householders with quarterly payments over a period of seven years based on how many units of energy are produced and used from renewable technology. At the current tariff, Altherma heat pumps will be eligible for 7.3 pence per kilowatt hour of energy.
Daikin’s YouTube channel is also home to a selection of installer testimonials on their experience of working with Daikin products. To view Daikin’s domestic product case studies, visit
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