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  1. The only fraudsters are the government themselves. The only people who stand to make money out of the green deal are those providing the finance and the acreditation bodies. The money poured down the drain in training for Reia Renewable Engeries Ireland Assocation and the LCBP Low Carbon Building Programme do the government think we are lining up again for another mugging?
    Trade bodies privately don’t feel its right, manfacturers are between a rock and a hard place, don’t jog along lose sales do and lose money.
    The whole thing is to line a few people pockets and do nothing but leech more money out of our pockets. Do you see barristers having to register to do certain cases? Do you see doctors registering to do parts of there day to day work, do you see joiners having to register to fit insulation boards, plasters to apply bonding to buildings, NO so why does the government see plumbers and mechanical/electrical services companies as Golden geese who lay golden eggs? Why aren’t they chasing, roofers, plasters, brick layers, joiners I am sure there is some blood there to be sucked on?
    I would have some respect for it if it provided a real tanagble benefit for the consumer but they don’t care about safety and its all just a tick box exercise with a hefty price tag attached. The loan periods are longer than the manfacturers warranties and we all can name certain manfacturers products which would have trouble lasting the term of the loan! Soon we are going to need acreditation for tying our own boots soon.
    Any of the few installation I see done are done by non registered companies who then pay a registered company to put the paper work through for any grants.
    I would rather stack up my cash and set fire to it, it will produce some heat and a real benefit.
    Renewables, dead while they keep the leeches on our backs.


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