Biomass boilers- which fuel is best?

Increasing numbers of homes and businesses are recognising the benefits of switching to wood-fired heating systems, but there is still confusion about which fuel source to opt for.
Modern, automatic wood-fired biomass boilers can be fuelled by pellets or chips, and the choice of fuel source depends on a number of factors. Increasingly, it appears that a lack of both information and education is often resulting in poor advice being given to homeowners looking to choose to move away from a traditional heating system.
Neil Harrison explains the merits of wood chips and pellets, you can read the full article by clicking here: Chipping away.

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[author image=”” ]Neil Harrison is a Director at re:heat and works on sales, due diligence and feasibility studies at an individual project scale as well as providing strategic research and advice for clients including DECC, the NHS and the EU. Neil plays a key role in the Wood Heat Association, where he leads on education and training, and is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and overseas.[/author]