Blinded by the brand

As technology continues to evolve, the easiest route is to stick with the product you know. Dean Jepson believes that now is the perfect time to experiment with new options.
At some stage in our lives, we’ve all been brand loyal to a particular product or service. If the brand in question meets all our expectations, delivers a positive experience and makes us feel good or secure when we buy it, we’ll probably buy it again and again.
However, with the recent recession and the cost of living continuing to rise, it appears that our appetites for the big brands are starting to wane and we’re all undergoing the ‘Aldi experience’.
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[author image=”” ]European Managing Director at Salus Controls, Dean Jepson has been with the company since its formation in 2005. Having pioneered a wealth of revolutionary home heating solutions, under Dean’s strict supervision, the Salus brand is synonymous with quality, value and innovation. Having started out as an installer, Dean credits Salus’ success to its ability to understand and meet the needs of the installer. [/author]